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Title: Rise of Hindutva in India: Effects on Pakistan - India Relations (2014-2019)
Authors: Farooq, Muhammad
Keywords: Social Sciences
International Relations
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: University of the Punjab , Lahore
Abstract: The anticlimax and antagonistic relations between India and Pakistan have worsened with the rise of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its Hindutva ideology from 2014- 2019. With the objective to convert India into Hindu Rashtra, BJP has initiated discriminatory policies at home and against Pakistan. This research evaluates Modi‘s strategy towards attainment of this objective through ‗no-dialogue and direct interference policy‘ thus risking the regional security. It differs from the earlier research on the subject as it analyzes changing hard Hindutva influenced BJP policies during 2014-2019 which led Modi government to take unilateral decisions on bilateral issues including Kashmir through contrived political arrangements. The research derives its basis from interviews and content analysis of different politicians from India and Pakistan which are supported by different reports, books and articles. The qualitative research methods and methodology is intuitively the appropriate tool to debunk this complex phenomenon for descriptive and explanatory result orientation. The study concludes that due to ‗no engagement and talks‘ the relations between the nuclear states have severed since 2014 which would prove detrimental to the regional peace and economic integration. The study is significant since it evaluates the impact of rising Hindutva over the Indian society, its Muslim population and India-Pakistan relations. Towards the end, certain recommendations are proffered aiming at mitigating the effects of Hindutva on the bilateral relations through economic integration, diplomatic association and unentrupted comprehensive dialogue for resolving bilateral issues.
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