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Title: Relationship among parenting styles, moral atmosphere of school and moral development of secondard students
Authors: Safder, Mahwish
Keywords: Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: University of the Punjab , Lahore
Abstract: The main purpose of this study was to assess the relationship among parenting styles, moral atmosphere of school and moral development of secondary school students. To achieve this purpose, a mixed method approach was selected and a correlational research method was used. The population of the study included all secondary school students in the Punjab province. The sample of the study was selected in three stages. At first stage, the Central Punjab was taken and seven districts were selected from fourteen districts of the Central Punjab. At second stage, each district was divided into two strata on the basis of area (i.e. urban and rural). Each stratum was further divided into two sub-stratum i.e. boys school and girls school. From each district, two schools from urban and two schools from rural (one school for boys and one school for girls) were selected randomly. Four schools were selected from each stratum. Total number of students were 1239. Three instruments were used for data collection. Parenting style and secondary school moral atmosphere questionnaire were adapted and Moral Development Interview Inventory was adopted. Parenting style questionnaire comprised 23 parallel statements to assess the parenting styles. Three parenting styles were included in this questionnaire: Authoritative parenting style, Authoritarian parenting style, and permissive parenting style. School moral atmosphere questionnaire was related to moral behaviors of teachers and students of school. Moral development interview vii inventory comprised ten dilemmas to assess the moral development of secondary school students. Through data analysis, it was found that there was a significant relationship between authoritative parenting style of mother and moral development of students. It was also found that authoritative and permissive style of father had positive effect on moral development. Results also showed that there was a significant relationship between moral atmosphere of school and moral development of secondary school students. Moreover, female students were better in the level of moral development than male students. Rural and urban areas were same regarding moral atmosphere of school. On the basis of findings it was recommended that parents should adopt authoritative parenting style to improve the moral development of their children. The parents should avoid authoritarian approach to parenting. Parents should try to develop warmth relationship with their children but they should monitor and supervise their behavior and activities. The school atmosphere plays crucial role for the moral development of adolescents. So, the prime goal of education should be to develop children‘s morality, rather than to teach them only intellectual knowledge.
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