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Title: Comparative Study of Various Crimes in District Bahawalpur: 1990-2000
Authors: Azhar, Muhammad
Keywords: Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Islamia University, Bahawalpur.
Abstract: Crimes have always plagued every society in human history. The history of crime is as old as history of mankind. Man is blessed with intellect and power of thinking. He has been assigned a duty being a representative of God Almighty on the earth. With the creation of man two powers: evil and good were also created. Allah has blessed man intellect to control his intentions to lead a crime free society. The history of the State of Bahawalpur has left its on marks on the history of sub-continent. Being a first independent gifted state to the newly born country Pakistan it has passed through ages of glory. After its attachment with Pakistan on 3th October,1947, later it was declared as the Division and District Bahawalpur. The District Bahawalpur consists of five tehsils. With the development in this area there are certain crimes plagued the society. The research is conducted to identify the causes and remedies to control the crime rate in the district Bahawalpur to establish a crime controlled and a peaceful society. This present dissertation would bring all such aspects for the readers and the students of history, social studies and law. This research has been divided into five chapters. In the first chapter the historical background of the State of Bahawalpur and district Bahawalpur has been discussed to find the reasons which became the root cause in spread of crime in this area. In this regard, the geo-economic position of the district Bahawalpur has been detailed so the readers would be able to know the actual geo-economic position of this district. The socio- cultural aspects of this district are also highlighted so in the light of socio cultural aspects the reasons of crimes in this area can be traced. The socio-cultural and geo-economic conditions of District Bahawalpur are one of the leading factors which played a vital role in the spread of crimes. The administrative structure of the State of Bahawalpur is also elaborated to sort out the reasons to increase the crime rate in this area. The general study of various crimes occurred during the state period have also been done so the crimes and the crime rate can be sorted out. The second chapter is related with the comparative study of various crimes in District Bahawalpur (1990-2000). The crime ratio in Pakistan as compare to other countries has also been discussed. The nature and types of the crimes have been discussed. The crimes which are mainly under observation and discussion are: murder, zinah, robbery, theft and kidnapping. All the cases related to above mentioned crimes which XVIII have been trialed in the honorable courts in this time period are also statically discussed. The comparative study of the crimes at all tehsils of District Bahawalpur has been discussed in the third chapter of research work. The socio-economic, political and judicial system of these tehsils has been discussed. The comparison of crimes in these tehsils is done and the rate of crimes is statically discussed. The fourth chapter deals with the different aspects which become the reason to increase crimes in District Bahawalpur. The pressure groups which have been discussed to detail out the reasons of crimes in this area are: religious and political elements, feudalism, tribes and caste system and socio and economic conditions. The exploitation of religious, social and political factors are one of the reasons of crimes have been discussed. Feudalism is one of the main reason of crimes in this district has been discussed. On the other hand, the caste system and socio-economic condition of the people of this area have been discussed in the rate of crimes. In this chapter four the factors which are root cause in the spread of crime in this region are elaborated. The main factors which cultivate crimes in this area are: poverty of masses, the un-employment, unawareness, lack of education which leads to low literacy rate and other financial evils have been critically discussed too. The fifth chapter deals with remedy to control crimes. It has been discussed how the rate of crimes can be controlled and law and order situation can be prevailed in this district to bring peace and harmony to promote progress and development in the southern Punjab as well as in the district Bahawalpur. The role of the government law enforcing agencies, judiciary and impact of educational and religious institutions has been discussed to control the crime rate in District Bahawalpur. The role of various NGO’s and jail reforms is detailed in this chapter to find solutions to establish crime free society in District Bahawalpur. The betterment of socio-economic conditions in the district Bahawalpur is the need of time to control crime in this area has been discussed. In the light of the whole description it has been concluded that all the factors which are discussed for being the reason of crimes should be controlled according the remedies given the research work. Although the socio-economic and political XIX conditions are the main factors to spread crime in this district Bahawalpur but the historical background of the state clearly explains that the caste system, feudalism and un- employment issues are due to low literacy rate. On the other side the non implementation of law and order in any society can lead to disastrous conditions and by involving people by committing various minor and major crimes. The need of the time is to provide basic needs to the masses like food, shelter, security and education with basic health facilities. The people of this district should be provided awareness and basic education so it will be help to control crime rate. The implementation of law and order and the trial of pending cases is another way to decrease crime rate. There is a need to flourish industry, business and education to indulge people in stabilization of their economic conditions which results in peaceful and crime free society. Sectarian exploitation on religious and political grounds can be eliminated just by education and by enforcing law and order. Hence, I have tried to conclude in this research work that awareness through education and implementation of law and order can be the leading source to establish a crime free or crime controlled society in this blessed and historical land of southern Punjab in Pakistan. This will promote education, business, development and economical stability not only in District Bahawalpur but put its contribution in the progress of our beloved country Pakistan. This dissertation would facilitate the readers especially the students of law, history, Pakistan studies, Political science, sociology and the law enforcing agencies to take references and knowledge for further researches
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