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Title: An Investigation into Relationship of Leadership Styles and Organizational Commitment with Mediating Effect of Organizational Cynicism Towards Change: A Public Sector Organizational Change Study in Pakistan
Authors: Nadeem, Muhammad
Keywords: Management Sciences
Human Resource Management
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Iqra University Karachi, Karachi.
Abstract: Global economic competition has set a high pace of change for public and private sector organizations. Organizational change initiative is a risky endeavor due to heavy resistance and cynicism towards change. Role of leadership is critical for reducing organizational cynicism, which can become the basis to increase organizational commitment of employees during change. The objective of present study was to investigate that how transformational and transactional leadership styles address the issue of organizational cynicism towards change and organizational commitment during implementation of change program. This study also contributes in the body of knowledge by examining the impact of organizational commitment on change related behaviors. To investigate into these factors a conceptual model, comprising five constructs transformational leadership, transactional leadership, organizational cynicism towards change, organizational commitment to change and change related behaviors (compliance, championing, and cooperation) was developed and tested in public sector organizations. This study used a cross sectional research design to investigate the mediating role of organizational cynicism towards change between leadership styles and organizational commitment during change. Population of the research study comprised on all public sector organizations of Pakistan, in which organizational change program had been planned or initiated. Three public sector organizations (Pakistan International Airlines, Punjab Dairy Development and Livestock and Power distribution companies, Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO), Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) and Faisalabad iv Electric Supply Company (FESCO) were selected to collect the data. For the purpose of data analysis, confirmatory and exploratory factor analysis, regression, multiple correlation and structural equation modeling were employed. Results of study revealed that transformation leadership had positive impact on organizational commitment to change. Moreover, the study provides evidence that transactional leadership is more effective to increase organizational commitment towards change. Transformational and transactional leadership had negative association with organization cynicism towards change. Study provided sufficient evidence that both leadership styles had effective role to address cynical attitude of employees during organizational change. One of the major objectives also provided evidence that organization cynicism towards change mediates the relationship of leadership styles and organizational commitment during organizational change. Results regarding the relationship between organizational commitment and change related behaviors (compliance, championing, and cooperation) also provided some interesting facts. Organizational commitment to change could not improve cooperation and championing behaviors. However organizational commitment to change promotes compliance behavior of employees. Mediating role of organizational cynicism towards change provided valuable insights. Results of the mediating analysis confirmed the partial mediation between two types of leadership and organizational commitment to change. The study concludes that effective participation of both leadership styles can eliminate resistance against change. Moreover, mediating role of organizational cynicism towards change with respect to leadership styles improves organizational commitment to change.
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