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Title: Muslim Ma'ashray Ki Tameer-o-Tarak Ki main Khususi Afrad Ka Kirdar (Tehqeeqi wa Tajziati Jaieza)
Authors: Farooq, Muhammad
Keywords: Religious Studies
Islamic Studies
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad.
Abstract: Allah (SWT) created man in his perfect form and declares him in Islamic Sharia as the superior creation. Each human being is blessed by Allah with specific qualities and attributes, some of them receive physical blessings while others are endowed with wisdom. If someone is subject to a deformity, he is compensated with an additional attribute by God. These defective people are classified as special people. Islamic teachings place great emphasis on the polite and helpful attitude towards special people and make them a successful member of society. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) himself assigned the specified responsibilities to these people in almost all areas of life. These people have remained active through all eras of the past and have also played their vital role in modern times. The subject of current research is "The Role of Special Persons in the Development and Progress of The Muslim Society: A Critical and Analytical Study". The contribution of special people in society has been an integral part of social and academic development since the time of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).The history of Islam is replete with examples of so many special people who have contributed in all areas of life i.e. socio-political, economic, educational, religious and administrative. In modern times, these peoples are treated as inferior in society due to their physical challenges. The ignorant attitude of the society may lead them to promote criminal and negative activities. The objective of this research is to clarify the role of a special person in a society, to identify problems of special persons and provide possible solutions to their challenges and to build role models for the current special persons. First, to highlight the role of a special person from the teachings of Islamic Sharia and early Islamic ages in the propagation of Islamic values, second, to encourage them to be a valued member in all areas of life. The descriptive research approach is applied to clarify data from early Islamic history. The survey technique has been adopted for collecting data from contemporary special people. The study attempts to highlight aspects of Muslim history regarding the contribution of special people to the progress of The Muslim society, realizing their ability to transform it by actively participating in all areas of life, including religion, society, politics, administration and economics. The study summarizes the role of special people in development and progress at their respective ages, including present times. Research will be significant in clarifying the role of the special or disabled person, highlight their hidden abilities and make them a helping entity in the progress and development of society rather than as a burden. Their involvement in the socio-political, economic, academic and religious affairs of society like normal people will also help to minimize the negative elements of society i.e. begging, theft, alcohol consumption , etc. on the one hand. On the other side, these special people will also be empowered and respected in society by saving their self-respect.
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