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dc.description.abstractMotivation has been considered as the most critical factor for the researchers in the field of social sciences. It has been widely held that an individual being motivated yields high performance. However, it has been observed that the employees in public sector organizations are less inspirational in their behavior and show a reluctant attitude towards their job (Panagiotis et al., 2014). So far this attitude of employees poses a potential concern for the organizations that how to get motivated their employees (Zavlanos, 2002). Hence the organizations always inclined to find those factors which influence the motivation level of employees. Thus the current study persuaded to comprehend the influence of certain elements such as organizational culture, leadership styles and organizational citizenship behavior (OCB). Whereas the prime aim of the study is to evaluate the impact of the said variables on the outcome variable motivation. This study intends to evaluate the impact of organizational culture with its dimensions competitive, bureaucratic, community and innovative on the dependent variable motivation among the employees working in public sector universities of Sindh. Since the purpose of the study was furthered when the mediating influence of leadership styles having transactional and transformational styles has been evaluated between the organizational culture and the motivation in public sector universities of Sindh. OCB being the moderator of organizational culture and motivation has been also explored in this study. Hence the respondents of the study were the faculty members of the public sector general universities of the Sindh which offer the Ph.D. program and having five years of job experience. Data for this study was collected by getting filled with the close-ended adopted and modified questionnaires. The gathered responses were evaluated through correlational analysis, descriptive analysis, reliability statistics and the structural equation modeling (SEM) to check the relationship and the reliability for the study. Meanwhile, mediation and moderation were done by using the Gaskin technique (Gaskin, 2016). Moreover, the results of the study authenticated a positive and significant influence of organizational culture as the exogenous variable on motivation. It was further proved by the study that the innovative and community being the dimensions of organizational culture predict the motivation in a significant and positive direction. On the contrary, competitive and bureaucratic organizational cultures negatively predict motivation. This study also validates the leadership styles partially mediates the relation between organizational culture and motivation among the employees working in public sector universities of Sindh. The current study confirmed that OCB acts as an interactive variable that moderates the relationship of organizational culture and motivation among the employees working in public sector universities of Sindh. It was also witnessed in the current study that leadership styles share a positive and significant relation with organizational culture and motivation among the employees working in public sector universities of Sindh. This study validates a positive and significant relationship of OCB with motivation and organizational culture among the employees working in public sector universities of Sindh. Based on these findings of the current study comprehensive suggestions have been determined for the educational institutions in general and in specific for the administration of these universities for boosting up the motivation level of their employees which eventually enhances the performance of public sector universities in Sindh. This study also provides a window of opportunity for the upcoming researches in other service-based organizations. Key words: Organizational culture, Motivation , leadership styles , Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB):en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipHigher Education Commission Pakistanen_US
dc.publisherShah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur.en_US
dc.subjectBussiness & Managementen_US
dc.titleAn Empirical Investigation of Organizational Culture, Motivation Mediated by Leadership Styles and Moderating Influence of Organizational Citizenship Behavior (Ocb): A Study of Employees Working in Public Sector Degree Awarding Institutions in Sindhen_US
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