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Title: Interplay of Speech, Writing and Thought in the Work of James Joyce: A Corpus Stylistic Analysis
Authors: Ajmal, Muhammad
Keywords: Language and Literature
English Language and Literature
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: International Islamic University, Islamabad.
Abstract: This thesis is an attempt to investigate speech, writing and thought presentation in James Joyce’s work by adopting model developed by Semino and Short (2004). To a large extent, the way we perceive a story depends upon the ways discourse is presented. This is hard to demarcate the boundaries between them as the various modes have the potential to slip into one another. Special emphasis is given to variations between the three modes as well as to the instances of ambiguity created by their interplay. This dissertation, firstly, aims to depict the interaction and the effects that the modes of speech, writing and thought presentation have in James Joyce’s early works. Secondly, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man has been analyzed to how the interplay of these modes creates instances of ambiguity in discourse presentation. Finally, it illustrates how the characters and the narrator’s points of view are perceived through different categories of speech, writing and thought presentation. Both qualitative and quantitative methods are explored. Excerpts of 2000-word length have been selected from fifteen short stories and manually tagged to have the accurate annotation keeping in mind the contextual potential to recognize discourse categories in James Joyce early works and then corpus software AntConc 3.5.7 (Laurance Anthony, 2018) was used to get quantitative results. This study starts with quantitative analysis to surface the percentage of the categories of speech writing and thought presentation in order to analyze how each category has a function and a form. The qualititative analysis follows in order to account for the elaboration of these categories. The results show that the character’s and the narrator’s viewpoints shift from one category to another and the frequency and the distribution of modes of speech, writing and thought presentation vary in Joyce’s early works. The study endorses that discourse presentation categories fulfil the function of prospection and encapsulation and mark narrative progression through specific lexico-grammatical choices and the ways these are dispersed throughout. The study also compares findings with those described in Semino and Short (2004) for their corpus of 20th-century narrative fiction.
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