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Title: Relationship Between Transformational Leadership Style and Innovative Work Behavior at Secondary School Level
Authors: Qamar, Toheed
Keywords: Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Islamia University, Bahawalpur.
Abstract: Teaching profession has to face multiple challenges as a teacher is to manage students, staff behaviors and the teacher also focus on the grooming of the student so that they get ready for the practical life. This requires the teachers to have innovative skills to manage these challenges in a better way. On the other hand a head teacher has the dual responsibility of administration and teaching. To perform his administrative duties in a better and effective way, he requires to be equipped with leadership as well as managerial skills. Managerial skill is a significant part of the head teacher's personality to deal his routine matters. The current study was to explore the relationship between transformational leadership style and innovative work behavior at secondary school level with main objectives i.e. to examine the determinants of TLS, examine the determinants of IWB, investigate the relationship between TLS and IWB of head teachers and teachers, compare the TLS and IWB of rural and urban head teachers, compare the TLS and IWB of male and female head teachers, compare the TLS and IWB of head teachers based on experience, highlight the barriers effecting transformation leadership style and IWB. The survey were conducted through a questionnaire (on a 5-point Likert scale) to meet the objectives. Multi stage sampling technique was used the sample size comprised 1504 teachers and 376 head teachers all over Punjab. The study's findings show that the idealized influence attributed, idealized influence behavioral and inspirational motivation are some of the main factors that help the head teachers adopt transformational leadership style. Whereas for teachers, the study suggests that the teachers should adopt IWB if they want the working environment more productive. Results have found that idea generation and idea promotion are the main factors while adopting IWB. The results indicate that TLS and IWB have a strong xix correlation. The researcher's main barrier is that the working environment of the public sector school is not supportive to those who want to take the initiative or work differently. The system itself is a hurdle for teachers and head teachers to suggest innovative ideas. The study is helpful for head teachers in the way that how they can adopt transformational leadership and which factors are essential while adopting transformational leadership style. The theoretical implication of the study suggests that more demographic factors can be included in the study for the in-depth analysis and understanding of the factors. In contrast, the study's practical implication discusses how our schools change their working environment to be more productive for our stuudents in a better way.
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