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Title: Impact of Religiosity on Future Vision of Secondary School Students in Pakistan
Authors: Sami-ur-Rehman, Muhammad
Keywords: Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Islamia University, Bahawalpur.
Abstract: Students of today are the leaders of tomorrow. They have to become the most important citizens of the country to perform various roles in the society i.e. producers, philosophers defenders of the country etc. The current research was the impact of religiosity on future vision of secondary school students in Pakistan. The research was delimited to Punjab province. The study was delimited to the secondary school students and their parents. The present study is a mixed method research (qualitative and quantitative) as in the descriptive research the qualitative research and quantitative research methods are used at the parallel times. For the present research study, the data was collected by using the questionnaire and Interview. The population of the study comprised of all secondary school students (of different religions) who were enrolled in public and private secondary schools. Students following three religions (Muslims, Christians and Hindus) were included in the population. The participation of Muslims, Hindus and Christian students in the sample were 33:33:33 respectively. Total 1800 secondary school students (900 students and 900 of their friends) were approached and requested to fill the Questionnaire, (600 Muslim students, 600 Christian Students, 600 Hindu Students). Questionnaire return rate was hundred present; nearly four present incomplete questionnaires were excluded from the analysis. Another tool to observe the religiosity and future vision among secondary school students at different places, interview for parents of secondary school students was utilized for such purpose. Total 30 parents were randomly selected from three religions (10 Muslim, 10 Christian and 10 Hindu). Questionnaire and interview were used in the study as a research tool, questionnaire for students and interview for parents. The questionnaire for students was based on four scales. Faith-based Coping and Religious Social Support scale was adapted xviii from Religiosity and Spirituality Scale for Youth (RassY) Brittany Cornell Hernandez (2011). Future Vision towards Subject Choice and Future Vision towards Profession Choice are the self-developed from Future Vision Scale (FVS). Interview was conducted from the parents of secondary school students. The study concluded that RassY explained moderate variance FVS and has Significant impact on FVS of secondary school students. The study proposed further research in the field of future vision due to the relative lack of research on the future vision dimensions of the students, many future research opportunities exist.
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