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Title: Comparative and Narrative Analysis of Executive Leadership at University Level
Authors: Gilani, Uzma Syeda
Keywords: Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Gomal University, D.I.Khan.
Abstract: COMPARATIVE AND NARRATIVE ANALYSIS OF EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP AT UNIVERSITY LEVEL Abstract This study aimed at investigating the comparative and narrative analysis of executive leadership of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa regarding twelve dimensions, observation by co workers, their interview and document analysis at university level. The objectives of the study were to explore the Vice Chancellors’ competence through self-assessed Executive Leadership Inventory, to compare the self-reported competence of Vice Chancellors with those of observed by their colleagues. To compare the old established and newly established universities' Vice Chancellors’ competence, male and female Vice Chancellors' competence and central and southern universities Vice Chancellors' competence and to analyse narration of the successive and challenging stories through interview, official correspondence, autobiography, newsletters, etc. The quantitative part was guided by five hypotheses with respect to their objectives and qualitative part was guided by four research questions according to their themes coded. Concurrent triangulation Mixed method design was followed. Population of the study comprised all Vice Chancellors of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and their colleagues. Seven Vice Chancellors were taken as sample of the study to fill inventory and Interview. Five colleagues of each Vice Chancellor were taken for observation to fill observation sheet. Concurrent Mixed Method Sampling technique was used to collect data from seven Vice Chancellors. Self assessed Inventory for executive Leadership was adapted for the study designed by Dr. Manfred Kats de Vries having twelve dimensions. Observation sheet consisted of 100 items and an interview of 30 items, divided into four main themes: Vision, responsibility, team building and achievements. The quantitative data were entered in SPSS-24 and Friedman test and paired sample t-test were applied to analyse the data. There was significant difference among the self-assessed competence of executive leadership at university level. There is no significant difference in the self-assessed competence of four executive leaders out of seven with the observed views by their co-workers at university level. There was significant difference in old and newly established university VCs, central and southern university VCs and male and female VCs at university level. There were difference in their narrative views as well. It is recommended that vision plays important role to lead a university, it should be transmitted across the broad uniformly to implement accordingly. Executive leader should have research background and university experience at different cadres. Proper survey should be conducted to open a xiv new university in any area and offer subjects according to the need of the area. Political influence may help to bring funds for university progress and enhancing the quality of the research. Frequent meeting regarding work with co-workers should help to communicate ideas, gain trust and cohesion among the co-workers and leader. Motivation in the form of praise or prize plays should be adopted. Ownership should be given to achieve the targets give better results but leader should facilitate them to accomplish the task. Collaborative team-work, exchange programs, MOUs for research, conferences, seminars etc. bring enhancement in skills, creativity, innovation and it broadens the horizon of thinking. Funds should be brought to university for research from foreign donors and carrying out projects plays key role to move forward the university in a positive direction to create opportunity for students to work as an internee and get scholarships to become better learner as output. Further researches can be conducted in another situation to compare the results of this study and to find results in different context
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