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Title: Challenges and Needs of Novice Public School Teachers Related to Classroom Management at Elementary Level in Lahore
Authors: Saleem, Ayesha
Keywords: Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: University of Management & Technology, Lahore
Abstract: Novice elementary school teachers may have professional teacher education degrees, but they often experience many difficulties in the actual classroom settings, especially while managing classrooms in the early years of their teaching. International literature and research emphasize the fact that many novice teachers leave the job when they find themselves unable to manage the class effectively. This study aimed to explore the challenges and needs of novice elementary public-school teachers in Lahore, related to classroom management in their initial three years. The challenges focused in this study were physical facilities related challenges, administration-related challenges, students-behaviour-related challenges, and teachers‘ self-created challenges in classroom management. This study used the explanatory mixed methods research design. In the first phase, quantitative data were collected through a self-created questionnaire from a random sample of 500 novice elementary public-school teachers regarding challenges and needs in classroom management. In the second phase, semi-structured interviews were conducted with 20 novice teachers who were experiencing extreme case challenges. This included a selection of ten participants who faced high level challenges, and ten participants who faced low level challenges in classroom management through purposive sampling technique. This was done to seek depth of experiences of novice teachers related to challenges and needs in classroom management in their initial three years. A qualitative content analysis technique was used for the analysis of interviews. The findings from quantitative and qualitative data suggest that teachers had to put much effort in managing the class. It was found that the absence of electricity and shortage of furniture in the classroom made classroom management difficult. In iv addition, teachers experienced challenges in teaching over-crowded classes, high workload, and non-teaching duties. The findings also revealed that behavioural challenges were most difficult to handle for novice teachers. Managing the behaviours of students such as talking, telling lies, using foul language, bullying, stealing, and physically fighting with other students were most challenging to manage in the class. The data illustrated that teachers themselves created the challenges of classroom management through harsh conduct and expression of frustration, and anger. The needs of novice teachers included feedback from the principal, support, and sharing relationship with the senior teachers and formal mentoring to adjust in school. On the basis of the findings, it is suggested that the experience of novice teachers can be improved if they are provided various physical facilities, given classes with less number of student to teacher ratio and reduced workload. The novice teachers should be provided formal mentoring to help them learn classroom management. Key Words Challenges, classroom management, elementary schools, novice teachers
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