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Title: Three-Dimensional Free Convective Flows of Some Non-Newtonian Fluids Through a Parous Medium with Periodic Permeability and Heat Transfer
Authors: Latif, Atifa
Keywords: Physical Sciences
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Riphah International University, Islamabad
Abstract: Natural convective flows through a porous substance are markedly pervasive in nature. In porous medium, the processes of transport play a key role in various applications of science and technology, for instant, energy conservation, thermal insulation, geother mal engineering, petroleum industries, disposing off underground the waste materials of nuclear, and chemical catalytic reactors. Also, because of its geophysical applica tions such as agricultural engineering to examine seepage of water in river floors, the underground resources of water supply, in petroleum technology to investigate the motion of oil, natural gas and water through the oil reservoirs, it has attracted the attention of many scholars. Porous substance having the fluid is a nonhomogeneous medium and contains numerous inhomogeneities in it. The permeability, therefore, of the porous material may not necessarily be constant. Either transient permeability or constant permeability of the porous medium both lead to the flows in two-dimension. Of course, flow becomes three dimensional when variation of permeability distribu tion is transverse to the potential flow. This study presents mathematical modeling, theoretical analysis and graphical representation of three-dimensional free convective flows of some non-Newtonian fluids through a highly porous material in the presence of periodic permeability and heat transfer.
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