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Title: Intervening Effect of Conflict Management on The Relationship Between Leadership Styles and Organizational Dissent: A Study of Health Care Sector of Sindh Pakistan
Authors: Riaz, Muhammad
Keywords: Bussiness & Management
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur.
Abstract: Diversified management researches have put forward varied concepts of leadership, however to grasp the exact concept is almost next to impossible. Hence round the globe there is no universally accepted concept of leadership. The complexities among key drivers are increasing day by day. The varied leadership styles have been discussed with several outcomes, both positive and negative. This research endeavor therefore was intended to examine the causal effect of leadership styles on organizational dissent. Moreover, conflict management has been taken as intervening variable to explain the relationship of leadership styles and organizational dissent. The target population was doctors and paramedic staff (N=480) of health care sector of Sindh. This study is explanatory in design and quantitative in nature. Hypotheses of the study (formulated through mediating mechanism of Barron & Kenny, 1986) was assessed through Covariance based-structural equation modelling (CB-SEM), which is a comprehensive statistical approach to assess the measurement and structural part of the model. The outcomes of the study revealed that there is negative relationship between leadership styles and organizational dissent (path-c). A positive and significant relationship was observed between leadership styles and conflict management (path-a). Conflict management has negative effect on organizational dissent (path-b) and lastly, conflict management mediates the relationship between leadership styles and organizational dissent among health care sector of Sindh (path-c). The outcome of this study is essential for health care sector to reduce the prevalent dissenting attitude in organizations. Keywords: Leadership Styles, Conflict Management, Organizational Dissent, CB-SEM, Health Care
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