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Title: A Quantitative Analysis of the Relatioship Between foreign Capital Inflows and Socioeconomic Development of Developing Countries
Authors: Raza, Ali
Keywords: Business Education
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan
Abstract: This study aims to determine the relationship among Foreign Capital Inflows (FCI) i.e. Greenfield-Foreign Direct Investment (GFDI), remittances and Official Development Assistance (SED) and Socio-Economic Development (SED), education, human health and living standard. Four empirical models have been deployed to a panel data of 80 developing countries ranging from 1998 to 2017. System Generalized Methods of Moment (Sys-GMM) technique was deployed for the unknown parameters estimation of these models. The SED model indicated that, GFDI helps in fostering HDI in these developing countries, although ODA was found to slow down the development process, but remittances were found to overweight this negative impact on economy and economic development of a society. The economic growth model depicted that, first GFDI and remittances help in raising the people's living conditions and second ODA has no effect on the income of individuals. Similarly, health model radiated that, first GFDI brings new and innovative technologies that render much of the disease curable by improving the lives of individuals, and second that remittances obtained by families are subject to high standards of private and specialized care. Third, ODA is a curse for those developing countries that have not adequately utilized in the best interest of the society. The last education model depicted that, GFDI and remittances help in enhancing education at all levels. Based upon the research findings, it is recommended that developing countries can take benefit from GFDI and remittances only if the governments pursue attractive, soft and friendly business environment and economic policies for attracting inflow of foreign capital which enhance economic productivity and accelerating economic growth. Keywords: Foreign Capital Inflows, Greenfield-FDI, Remittances, Official Development Assistance, Socio-Economic Development, Developing Countries, System-GMM
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