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Title: Algebra and Chaos based Nonlinear Block Cipher Component Designing and Their Applications to Image Encryption
Authors: Jahangir, Saira
Keywords: Physical Sciences
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad
Abstract: The accessibility and simple way to deal with digital substance like electronic publicizing, video, sound, digital repositories, electronic libraries, web planning and so forth emerge numerous security concerns. Because of this free admittance to digital information through the web and other accessible sources, the data security has pulled in the consideration of analysts to build up the safe plans. Digital images are considered as the significant correspondence source starting with one spot then onto the next. Ordinarily, secure correspondence is when two substances are conveying and do not need an outsider to tune in. Remembering this, specialists proposed various procedures for secure correspondence of digital information. In literature, there are many secure specialized techniques, in any case, there is consistently an opportunity to get better to defend the data security. The Substitution box (S-box) is the usual progression from the hypothesis of single contribution to the numerous yield Boolean functions. In cryptosystems, S-boxes give the confusion by accomplishing the substitution activity. The supplanting of plaintext values with S-box affirm resistance against any endeavor of cryptanalysis. Limited field-based construction of S-box is discovered to be basic in writing. The other logarithmic structures, similar to groups or rings, can also be used for such constructions. Cryptography and steganography are used for data stowing away having distinctive operational procedures. For secure correspondence, cryptography basically deals with changing the data into dummy information. In the field of data hiding, image encryption plays a significant job. Image encryption technique veiled the data. Consequently, no programmer or eavesdropper, including server administrators and others, approach original content on some other kind of transmitted data through open networks such as the web. To upgrade the security of cryptosystems and ensuring the secure correspondence, we in this thesis, focus on the construction of arithmetical, algebraic and chaotic S-boxes. In second and fourth chapter of this thesis we propose novel constructions of strong S-boxes to add a (small) stone to the wall of provable security of block ciphers. The first construction method is focused on generating S-boxes which are based on finite commutative chain rings. The proposed technique can generate different types of S-boxes with excellent algebraic and statistical properties. In contrast to complex algebraic expression, the proposed procedure provides a single and simple function to produce a wide range of S-boxes with diverse confusion characteristics. In Chapter five, we synthesize a novel S-box design procedure based on the Linear Diophantine Equations and Rossler’s Chaotic map. In the next step, a novel chaotic iterative sequence (Improve logistic map) is used for obtaining strong S-boxeshese S-boxes possess similar algebraic properties with different statistical analyses which are the most motivational finding of this technique. This characteristic is quite helpful for enhancing the strength of encryption process Then very handy applications of chaotic systems (novel and existing) and the S-box are presented for secure communication. Different methods of image encryption utilizing chaotic maps and S boxes have been proposed. TheseTalgorithmsTprovideTconfusionTand diffusion at the same time. Moreover, in these encryption techniques, pixel values of the image are scrambled using chaotic maps, Blum Blum Shub Pseudo Random number generators and S-box transformation to puzzle the association between the host and the processed image. Their security regarding linear and differential cryptanalysis has also been confirmed. Due to the operational strength of the matrix algebra 𝑀 (2, 𝐹2 [𝑢] <𝑢8> ), and a unique attempt on the 4D chaotic map, chapter 3 recommends a novel multiple colored image encryption technique.
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