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Title: Development and Settlement of the Thal Desert (1947-1969)
Authors: Abbas, Muhammad Wasim
Keywords: Social Sciences
Pakistan Studies
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Islamia University, Bahawalpur
Abstract: The first project to provide canal water resources to Thal desert was prepared in 1873, but could not be implemented for various reasons. Similarly, numerous plans presented by the Punjab Government from 1901 to 1925 were rejected mainly accounting for the reservations of Sindh. The Central Government gave more significance to Sutlej Valley, Bakhra Dam and Sukkar Barrage Projects than to Thal Canal Project. The Government, for the first time sanctioned a project in 1936 to irrigate the western region of Thal alongside the Indus River and the construction work on Thal Canal Project began in 1939. At the time of Pakistan independence, construction of Jinnah Barrage, Main Line Upper and Dullewala Branch had been completed though the desired results were not achieved as the water channels were consistently chocked up by the sand storms. On the other hand, hard and severe conditions of Thal did not allow any substantial developmental work to take place for the local inhabitants. On the eve of partition in 1947, the migrants coming from India put a huge pressure of population on upper Punjab and compelled the government to think about the shifting of the population to relatively deserted areas like Thal. Therefore, The Government of Punjab established Thal Development Authority in 1949 to complete Thal Canal Project and to develop the area around it for the settlement of migrants from upper Punjab. In the beginning of research work, introduction of Thal, its political history, and its flora and fauna have been discussed along with its socio-economic conditions before 1949. Then, Thal Development Authority, causes of its formation, organizational structure, powers and duties and sources of its income have been discussed. The research work throws ample light on the acquisition, adjustment and colonization schemes of the Thal introduced by the TDA. The development within and outside the irrigation boundaries of Thal Canal including settlement of the refuges has also been discussed at length. The research work highlights the achievements and under achievements of the TDA. The primary objective of this research work is to focus the historical event of development and settlement in Thal desert during 22 years from 1947 to 1969, as this happens to be the only Ph.D. research work on the above mentioned topic till date.
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