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Title: Relativistic Matter Accretion Onto a Class of Black Holes
Authors: , Allah Ditta
Keywords: Physical Sciences
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Islamia University, Bahawalpur.
Abstract: In this thesis, the matter accretion onto a conformal gravity black hole (BH), reg ular phantom BH, Einstein-power-Maxwell (EPM) BH, noncommutative BH and Hayward BH is investigated. We have analyzed the general solutions of matter ac cretion onto these BHs by employing the isothermal equations of state. The Hamil tonian and Michal approaches have been used to study the matter accretion onto these BHs. We have considered the steady state and spherically symmetric accre tion of different test fluids, when they fall onto these BHs. Particularly, the flow parameters such as critical velocity u(r), energy density ϱ(r), sonic speed c 2 s and mass accretion rate M˙ have been discussed for these BHs by using the isothermal fluid. We have discussed the physical behavior of family of BHs, when the fluid radial velocity and energy density are positive. The mass accretion rate increases for the cases of dust, stiff fluid and quintessence fluid while it decreases for phan tom fluid. Further, we have classified the fluid on the basis of flow as ultra-stiff fluid, ultra-relativistic fluid, radiation-fluid and sub-relativistic fluid by using the Hamiltonian approach. Additionally, the maximum mass accretion rate occurs n ear the universal and Killing horizons and minimum accretion rate occurs in their annular region. Finally, the results are compared with different cases of BHs avail able in literature. The physical validity of our results shows that the parameters of the BHs play an important role for the maximum accretion rate.
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