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dc.contributor.authorGhani, Amber-
dc.description.abstractbstract: Human is being able to talk, address, speak and show his feelings in words. This ability tends him to know how to perform all these tasks properly, for which he has been innate with the ability as well as guided with Holy teachings to make it worthwhile. Holy teachings from Prophet Adam til Prophet Muhmmad is being revealed with accordance the mind set and status of people of those era. This beauty of holy teachings have been a significance of teachings by Allah. Allah has sent these teachings by particularly addressing human race and let them know their worth in the world or society. These addresses are for common men and women, or for Muslims or, for Jews or, for Christian. For each category Allah has used appropriate wording and arguments that are well elobrated as per their knowledge and experience. Important aspect of these addresses is the conversation with common men. Allah has said O mankind.. to make them realise this religion is not for muslims its for every man in this world who has clear intention and purified heart to know the truth. Similarly general addresses tone, way of argumentation and wording used itself is example for us to learn way of talking in our daily life as well as at society level. Allah has always proposed to make human as closer to Him as it can be so that they successed hereafter life as well. So, through these general addresses civilized society is well defined. As per these addresses mind set, theoretical aspects of life should be clear and strong like faith on oneness of Allah, faith on Prophet hood and faith on life hereafter are the basic theories of Islam. The stronger the theory easier the way to make civilized society that has benefit here and hereafter life also. Secondly, family system as basic pillar society has been clearified in general addresses to take care of it and the discrimination of male and female has been created for the sake of identity not to be proud of them. While in economics it’s been clearly said to persue for Halal and Tayab earnings. The thing to be earn and the way of earning both should be purified according the teaching of Islam. These five basic areas are used to develop civilized society as per the general addresses. It means the faith on oneness of Allah is basic theology on which the building of Islam does base. Allah as been presented in Holy Quran by general addresses is thought provoking manner. Allah has used observational and experiential arguments in order to make understood human being for His existence as well as oneness in every aspect. To obey and having faith on Allah switch men mindset from many gods to One,. It makes him strong enough to face the challenges of society, humble enough to make his family survive and down to earth infront of worth or world. While faith of Prophet hood is key to practically perform as the guidance given by Allah. Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) has founded Islamic civilization by changing the world view of culture. Before Him civilization was consider as the worldly achievments, but He turned this thought to hereafter achievements. What will be sown here has to reep in life afterwards. This mindset made the civilization to build on faith, humanity, good behaviour and self judgmental approach. Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) himself showed through His life style about the worth of this life. Meanwhile way of conversation of Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) has showed us how to preach Islam and talk in daily life. His preaching influenced people due to the way he talks. His tolerance towards misbehaviour and harshness could never be seen in any person on earth. there exist many situation where his reaction reforms the definitionOf tolerance. Holy Prophet (peace be upon Him) has set the example of tolerance, peace maker, leader, and has been nominated as most influential people of the History. Only because of His attitude and behaviour towards the societ, He made sure that this life is few days stay no body is going to stay forever so one should get prepapre himself of life hereafter. Faith on the day of judgement is one of the basic requirements to become Muslim.Islam answered logically about the question arosed in human mind, where do people go after death? Islam respond’s this world is temporary. One day on death man has to shift from this world to other world. The life hereafter completely depends on acts and deeds done here in temporary world. This faith makes every person more keen and observant about his acts. The civilization founded by Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) completely portrayed Islamic teachings as well as the general addresses of Holy Quran. He is not able to look into future, what would be happen in future, is untold to him. His observation, experience and knowledge is limited. Due to this limitation he is not able to understand his long lasting benefit. Most of the time he has faced disaster just to make himself please. Which means not every pleasure is good in result and not every difficulties have consequences. Not completely understanding this fact human has tried to make ideologies at his own, its consequences reveal its benefit or drawbacks. Human developed civilization were remarkable, fascinating and materialistic, whether it was Egyptian or Greeks or Romans, ideologically they were same. While its recent example is Wester civilization. The materliasm, democracy, modernization, human rights are basic theories on which western civilization has layed it’s building. Theory that everything is made up of matter and it can nor be created nor be destroyed has denied the existance of God. Knowing the cause and effects of things in this world made human that confident that he refuse the faith on Allah. He empowered himself with technology and thinks he has got the aim of life. But indeed , its not the end , what he has considerd as end. Modernism has created freedom, happiness and dignity for human , although he has neglected his worth in this world. Human rights has made everyone aware of his rights and that they are equal to be part of society. Democracy ensures public happiness and needs because they are the people who elected them to make their lives easy. Wether its materialism , modernisim, democracy or human rights, western civilization is now a days dominating among the nations. This has made clear picture of clash of civilization . becaue these main civlizations have opposite approach for basic questions of life. Approaches for basic questions leads human to successful and right path , while on the other hand to do as mind says is theory beyond fulfilment of its own wishes. So, the civilized society is the one on right theory which is the need of human nature. Islamic civilization is the solution for recent challenges , the only requirement to make it possible , is to comprehend Islamic theory properly and represent it by practically adopting each and every thing as its been narrated by Allah and performed by Holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad (p.b.u.h).en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipHigher Education Commission Pakistanen_US
dc.publisherUniversity of Karachi, Karachi.en_US
dc.subjectReligious Studiesen_US
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