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Title: An Analytical Comparison of Spiritual Purification at Worship-Places in Major World Religion
Authors: Razzaq, Tayyaba
Keywords: Religious Studies
Islamic Studies
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: University of the Punjab , Lahore
Abstract: Spiritual purification is a systemic proceeding of a religious experience that mostly exercised at worship places. This is the most influential, inclusive & philosophical experience. The Holy Scriptures’ made efforts to elucidate that actually humans are spirits shrouded in physical appearance. Physical purification is readiness and an arrangement towards the spirituality so it acts as a intervening among the spirit & corporeal realms. Purified man can transcend to additional dimensions. The purified heart empowers human perception to work more than their capacity & physical restrictions. The realization of spiritual purification is emphasized by revelations and persuaded to be practiced at particular worship places because worship places, in almost all religions, are icons of spirituality. This is illustrated in the religious practices of Hindu and Buddha temples, synagogues, churches, monasteries and mosques but there are different conceptual foundations of spiritual purification of worship places in all religions. We cannot take all religions at the same ground by their particular rituals. The research focused on; 1) the foundational system & purposes of using tools, methods for spiritual purification at worship places are different. Several are well-defined as well as undefined methodologies for this purpose. 2) Some particular personalities & a number of worship places considered sacred that can purify human beings. In this study the comparative and analytical method will be used, to find out similarities and differences in process of spiritual purification of worship places in world religions. The methodology applied in this thesis is mainly analytical with critical overtone. The findings of the research reflect that almost all religions are all based on love among humans. Foundations of spiritual purification in Semitic and non Semitic religions are almost same, as the basic morality & ethics are same for entire human race. The spiritual leaders somehow’ resemble one another, having a sense of guidance’ for the benefit of humanity.The sacred places became famous for the purpose of sacred visits or pilgrims. The solution of all contemporary issues among individuals & nationals surely lies in interfaith harmony through dialogue conducted and propagated at high levels.
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