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Title: Some New Results in Resolvability of Graphs
Authors: Hussain, Zafar
Keywords: Physical Sciences
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: The University of Lahore, Lahore.
Abstract: Resolving sets of minimum cardinalities play key role in determining the location of nodes in a connected network. Such a particular set with minimum possible nodes is known as the metric basis and its cardinality is known as the metric dimension. Present thesis presents new results about metric dimension and its other variants of some familiar families of graphs. In particular we compute metric dimension and fault tolerant metric dimension of molecular graph of one pentagonal carbon nanocones and two types of boron nanotubes. We also compute sharp bounds for partition dimension of flower and generalized Mobius ladder. One of the most important results of this thesis is the exact values of fault tolerant metric dimension of five families of convex polyposes whereas only bounds have been computed recently for these convex polytopes. We prove that these families of convex polytopes are of constant fault tolerant metric dimension. We also compute fault tolerant metric dimension of Mobius ladders and its generalised versions
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