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Title: قرآنی آیات کی روشنی میں مطالعہ مذاہب کے اصول وحکم
Authors: Sarwar, Hafiz Muhammad
Keywords: Religious Studies
Islamic Studies
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: GIFT University, Gujranwala.
Abstract: Religion has been always a source of physical comfort and spiritual elevation for human beings. It has been always guiding humanity through its sacred books, revealed to the prophets. As human history passed through annals of history, some human-made religions emerged, dividing the one religion or code of life revealed by Almighty God. According to the last revealed Divine Guidance the Qur’an, Allah Almighty appointed prophets along-with the divine books for justice in the worldly life, and the ultimate success of human beings in the life hereafter. As one studies the holy books of religions, one finds Qur’an is the most appropriate and comprehensive guidance for mankind in all spheres of life. It gives not only the golden path of uniting the religious world as a whole but also the holy Qur’an gives proper methods of wisdom to study all religions and worldviews of life. The Qur'an has taken a critical and just analysis of the fundamental beliefs, rituals of different religions, which fully illuminate the values, virtues, and flaws of each religion. At times the Qur'an asks them to argue logically for their beliefs and somewhere it rejects the false beliefs. Likewise, the Qur’an invites other religions to engage in dialogue to come together on common points. Adopt values that are the same across all faiths. The Lord says: ا َّل ا ا اَّللاو ا اَّل ِ ا د ُ ب ْ ع ا ن ا َّل َ أ ْ اُك ُ ن ْ ي ا ب ا او ا ن ا ن ْ ي ا اٍءب ا و ٍة سا ا ِم ا َك اٰ اَل ِ ا ْ و ا ال ا ع ا ِبت ا ا ِكت ْ ال ا ل ْ ه َ أ ا َي ْ ل ُ ق ا ا ُ ْ ع ا اب ا ن ُ ُ ْ ع ا ب ا َِِ ا ت ا َ ا َّل ا او ا ً ْ ي ا َ ِِ ِ ب َِا ْ ْ ُ ُ ا ون ُ لِم سْ ُ م ا َّن َ ِأ واب ُ د ا وااْش ْ ُ ول ُ ق ا اف ْ و ا ل اا انَت ِ ا اَّللاِۚف وِن ُ ِ د ا ّم ِ َب ا َب ْ ر َ أ ۔ 1 Many other similar verses make it clear that the study of Quranic verses can be the most important means of providing principles and standards for study and analysis of religions and unity and harmony amongst them. This provides the rationale and basis of the following study; that how can researchers find out the basic principles for the study of world religions, in the light Qur’anic verses.
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