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Title: مالی معاملات میں جعل سازی اور احکام شرعیہ
Authors: , Samiullah
Keywords: Religious Studies
Islamic Studies
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: University of Karachi, Karachi.
Abstract: Allah Almighty has blessed us with Islam, which contains comprehensive teachings for all the fields of life. In it, there is no field of life about which it has been said that it belongs to the private life of man and, hence, he is completely free to do as he wishes. Rather, Islam has given its best guidance in every aspect of life, and that too in compliance with the natural freedom of man. Humans have a lot to do with financial matters in their daily lives because these matters are the most important part of human life. Islam has blessed humanity with the most valuable teachings in order to keep financial affairs in the right direction. The Islamic Sharia has urged the followers to always speak the truth _ particularly in business transactions_and to avoid falsehood, misrepresentation, fraud, deceitfulness, etc. If a person truly adheres to these instructions, both his worldly life and the life in the hereafter will be honored. He will earn the pleasure of the Lord and the blessings of his beloved Prophetصلى الله عليه وسلم. Islam has not only prohibited the above-mentioned evils in financial matters, but it has also given details about how to settle transactions resulted from any of these evils committed by the two parties. But the majority of Muslims is unaware of these details. This thesis focuses these details. The first chapter discusses the importance of honesty and transparency in bilateral financial matters, various methods of forgery and deception of fraud, and role of the government to stop such prohibited practices. The following five chapters contain detailed discussion _ in the light of the religion of the four famous Imams of fiqh _ of the Shari'ah obligations of the parties indulged in fraudulent and deceitful transactions. In the seventh and last chapter, sharia and legal punishments for serious crimes like forgery and extortion have been discussed in detail.
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