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Title: عہد خلافت راشدہ کے سیاسی معاہدات اور ان کے تہذیبی اثرات
Authors: Liaquat, Usman
Keywords: Religious Studies
Islamic Studies
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: GIFT University, Gujranwala.
Abstract: Islam is a universal and peace-loving religion whose foundation has been laid upon the principles of peace, love and humanism. Its humanitarian outlook intends to make every individual become an embodiment of its fundamentals. Its love for peace is not the prerogative of Muslims only rather it extends to every human being whatever religion he may belong to. It is its love for peace that provides basis to its relation with the other nations and if the permission of war is granted against the non-Muslims, it is done only as a necessary evil under certain crucial circumstances. The practices observed during the Caliphate period are based on the principles of mutual respect, social equality, and cordial relationship with the fellow human beings. All the political agreements made during the Caliphate period bear witness to the fact that Islam disfavors every manifestation of sectarianism and social boycott with non Muslims. According to the Islamic practices during the Caliphate period, the non Muslims participated in all the social agreements on the basis of equality, not as subordinates or slaves. But the Western nations, encouraged by the extremist attitude of a sect, have turned against the whole Islamic teachings. Not even a single incident of extremism and terrorism can be traced from the vast territory governed by the Muslims during that era. The principles derived from the Caliphate period serve as the basis of the constitution of an Islamic state and they have been a secret to the success of the rulers during that era. Moderate Western writers acknowledge the fact that the non-Muslims had never enjoyed such facilities as they enjoyed during the Muslim rule that ensured the security of their life and property more than any other non-Muslim ruler. The Caliphate period, despite consisting of the subject belonging to different religions, is a practical example of pleasant and peaceful social setup.
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