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Title: حقوق انسانی کا مذہبی تصور: بائبل اور قرآن کی تعلیمات کا تقابل
Authors: Mehboob, Sofia
Keywords: Religious Studies
Islamic Studies
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: GIFT University, Gujranwala.
Abstract: In fact, human rights are such forces that fulfill the human personality and the development of society is not possible without them. Because every right has some obligation or responsibility. The rights of all rights are two instances of the same verse, which can be compatible with each other, but not separated. The political traditions that we have inherited from the heritage raise knowledge of human rights There is a great way out of which the human being can be restored. And the society can be able to break down so that humanity does not get a goodness. The history of human rights started from human civilizations, but modern Western concepts are evolved from ancient Greece and Rome. In the Middle East, the concept of semi-slavery is prevailing. The Church encouraged the slaves to be free, but there was a ritual of being enslaved as a punishment for many crimes. In the seventh century the sun landed from Arab to Islam, and in respect of human rights and human rights, Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) has given a horrific sense of humanity. The real start of the modern era of human being started in the eleventh century Manifesto and laws were passed at different times. In this era, the thinkers awakened the awareness of human rights through the public. The detailed study of the Bible and the Quran clearly states that human rights is the name of the basic principles that under which humans maintain relationships in each other in the society. The Bible does not hurt others in ancient times There are also teachings such as Ten Commandments in which human rights are spoken. Similarly, the best example of Jesus is the promise of Sermon on the Mount. Islamic civilization has described the greatest virtue of the human rights concept which distinguishes it from other concepts, based on the principle that sovereignty and power are the only owner of Allah. Overall human rights are as follows: All humans are equal if someone has a human being and a position, they are based on actions and beliefs. The right to freedom, the right to authorize any legitimate livelihoods, the right to invite and to the right to stop their actions, freedom of speech and the writing, to protest against the insult of their sacred person for the person. The modern human being is increasingly peaceful, safe and free life than the twentieth century victims and slaves. In the historical backdrop of human rights deficiencies, when the UN Human Rights Commission for Human Rights and the Newspaper The information and current situation provided by the Warsaw is studied. So it is a tremendous fact that today's humans are not safe and free nor are they entitled to human rights.
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