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Title: افراد و اقوام سے متعلق سنن الہیہ: قرآن اور بائبل کی روشنی میں تجزیاتی مطالعہ
Authors: , Muti ur Rehman
Keywords: Religious Studies
Islamic Studies
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: GIFT University, Gujranwala.
Abstract: The Whole universe, ranging from a particle of sand to the system of planets, works in a scheduled way as ever prescribed by Allah almighty. Such schedule is referred as the laws of nature. Man in no more an exception too. He has been and will be under the constraints of the nature forever. These constraints may also be names as Allah’s laws. Some of those are meant to deal man as individual and some are to deal him as a member of social group. The study of the differences between the laws of nature and divine laws about man is the very basic objective of this article. These laws have ever been there as the basic focus of all the revealed books .Man’s misunderstanding or his deliberate deviance from such laws led man to face loses in the past and the case is still same ever at present and may further continue in the days to come till he behaves himself. The comparative and contrastive analyses of such laws in the light of Quran and the Bible would definitely highlight their basic tenets. The analysis would help man ornate his present and future at per expense of his past experiences. This study seeks to remind the Umma with a very serious matter, which is very critical in removing the veil off the landmarks of future in to accordance the Quranic perspective. It is the divine canons and their role in prospecting future events, which is deemed as one of significant strategic disciplines for nations struggling to survive among current powers and for those nations that look for peace in a world inflicted with many misfortunes and setbacks. This study is also a cry for the Islamic nation to inspire the divine laws(Sunna e Elahia) as stated in the Holy Quran that enlighten its path, urging the Umma to return to the Holy Quran, to derive its systems to be the only constitution which governs its life. The study suggested a number of divine laws and demonstrated their role in prospecting the future.
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