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Title: Defamation of Religions in the Perspective of Islamic Jurisprudence and Western Law
Authors: Arif, Shoaib
Keywords: Religious Studies
Islamic Studies
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Government College University, Lahore.
Abstract: Law should be concerned with the offense to abuse or defame any religion and religious objects. It is a demand of Muslims on the international level to establish safeguards and protection for the reputation and respect of a religion. Muslims have demanded to legislate some potential and reputational laws for the protection of the respect of any religion on a global level by punishing the culprits who derogate and ridicule any religion. Freedom of speech and expression is a precious thing for liberal nations. Humanity attained this level of freedom after a long struggle and many sacrifices. This is a constitutional right and many international charters and declarations also protect this basic right. UN charter, UDHR, European Human Rights Declaration, and many other universal and regional covenants and declarations preserve this important human right. Equally, honor and dignity is also the basic human right. Constitutions, declarations, and laws protect the human honor and dignity. Liable, Slander, and Defamation laws concurrently protect basic human rights of honor and respect. Freedom of expression and speech is a basic right. Similarly, the respect of human beings is also a basic right. Right of Freedom of speech and expression isn’t an absolute and unconditional right. Free speech rights should be combined with press accountability and responsibility. Offensive religious and ethnic abhorrence in this manner is not acceptable for progressive societies. The right of freedom to speech and expression should be exercised in sensible and responsible manners. Rights are interdependent and are implemented interdependently. This is a false claim that any right is absolute. All democratic and civilized countries have put limitations on free speech and freedom of expression. To sustain a level of human behavior, countries protect human respect and dignity with local, religious, and social norms. The Law of defamation persists in every country of the world for individuals under the law of Tort. The right of free speech and expression is reduced under defamatory laws. In many countries, it is defaming in the constitution to disrespect flag, national places and to abuse the country and their national leader or kings and is considered as unlawful. Even you cannot abuse some institutions like the military and judiciary. The Law of contempt of court also persists in all countries. These all laws harshly limited the freedom of speech and expression. In this manner any act to harm the honor of a whole community never be justified under any banner of freedom of speech and freedom of expression
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