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Title: Cloning of Hordeum vulgare H - pyrophosphatase (HVP1) Gene under Different Constitutive Promoters and their Comparative Analysis under Salinity Stress in Wheat
Authors: Fiaz Ul Haq, Rana
Keywords: Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences
Agricultural Biotechnology
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Pakistan Institute of Engineering & Applied Sciences, Islamabad.
Abstract: Wheat production has a significant contribution in the agricultural-based gross domestic production. Environmental anomalies such as salinity poses a serious threat to wheat production. Plant cells respond to salinity stress by acidifying their vacuoles through proton pumps. Vacuolar H+ -pyrophosphatase, encoded by VP1 gene is an efficient proton pump that develops a proton gradient to promote Na+ /H+ antiporter activity. Thus, it plays vital role in conferring salinity tolerance in plants. This study was planned to evaluate the performance of Hordeum vulgare vacuolar H+ - pyrophosphatase (HVP1) gene in wheat (Triticum aestivum). Incorporation and expression of HVP1 gene in wheat lines under maize ubiquitin (UBI1) and 2xCaMV35S promoter was confirmed through antibiotic selection, polymerase chain reaction, reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and Southern hybridization. Seeds of transgenic wheat exhibited better germination rate when compared to non-transgenic under to salt stress. Augmented HVP1 expression in the transgenic wheat plants improved their physiological performance when compared to non-transgenic in green house. Overexpression of HVP1 in the transgenic plants also promoted the agronomic performance under saline field conditions (EC 13-16 dS m-1 ; SAR 28.5; pH 7.82-8.92) when compared to non-transgenic. Higher values of germination rate, plant height, spike length, number of spikelets per spike, 1000 grain weight, grain yield and harvest index were observed in transgenic wheat at Bio Saline Research Station, Pakka Anna, Faisalabad. An increase of about 12% and 14% in grain yield under UBI1 and 2xCaMV35S promoters respectively in HVP1 transgenic wheat compared to non transgenic in saline field conditions highlights the performance of HVP1 as an affective cation pump that promotes active transport of toxic salts in vacuoles.
Gov't Doc #: 22854t
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