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Title: The Evolution of Religious Philosophy in USA After the Black Swan 9/11
Authors: Sajad, Muhammad
Keywords: Religious Studies
Islamic Studies
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Islamia University, Bahawalpur.
Abstract: This thesis explores the facts and figures about the evolution of religions and their philosophies in the West especially in U.S.A. Through a multi-layered system, this research work uncovers how radicalization forms collaborate with Islamophobia talks and activities in American culture. In particular, the dataset is tied down in U.S.A open view of American Muslims; abhor wrongdoing occurrences against Muslims and non-Muslims, and the standardization of Islamophobia. Clearly the picture of Islam has changed on the planet, particularly in America after the occasions of 9/11.2001. Islam in America is considered as one of the significant religions, which is rehearsed by an incredible number by both Native Americans and the new workers. The last establish a crucial fragment of the advanced American culture. They take an interest effectively in the social, financial, and political exercises. Notwithstanding, the assaults of 9/11 changed the impression of Islam as religion in the eye of numerous Americans. Being not mindful of the distinctions that exist among Islam and psychological warfare lead to misconception circumstances where results are regularly terrible. In like manner, this research work attempts to depict the development of Islamic religion and Muslims in America, through time and spotlight on post September occasions outcomes. The purpose of this work is to distinguish the foundation of religious philosophy in America, how the religious philosophy grew in that landmass, and furthermore how Muslims did to Develop their own locale, including the perspective of America towards the decent variety of religions. At that point the subsequent part has managed realities behind the episodes of 9/11.Moreover, the third section has treated the prejudices against Muslims after the assaults. The outcomes rising up out of this investigation gave fascinating knowledge into the American's vision with respect to Islamic religion and Muslims.
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