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Title: "أشهر مستشرقي القرن العشرين واتجاهاتهم فى تفسير القرآن الكريم دراسة تحليلة مقارنة نقدية"
Authors: Saeedi, Muhammad Ameen
Keywords: Religious Studies
Islamic Studies
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Islamia University, Bahawalpur.
Abstract: when be claimed that Allah Send to him Jibraeel with Revelation, they changed their views and began to appose him ۔ After Hijrah in Madina, met the Muslims Jews and Christians, they opposed him as well, thought some of them became Muslims but were a few peoples ۔ They according to Makkans, called him “Sahir” Majnoon, Kahin, and So many charges they exposed ۔ They chaged that Quran is not reviled by Allah, but quran is made by Muhammad ۔ They targeted Quranic Revelation, Quranic text, Quranic Stayle, “Ijaz-ul-Quran”Beginning letters of Suras, (Horoof-e-Mugataa ۔ But Allah Clear his prophet and all their charges ۔ When in the crosades, they were defeated, and of after this, they decided to treat Muslims with orgraments, and evidances because war is not solution ۔ So they learnt Arabic language and other Islamic sciences and began to start cold war of study with the name of “Orientalism” against Muslims ۔ They also studied other Islamic sabjects ۔ The aime of this study was to defeat Muslims۔ In this situation, Muslims Scholars start defence to the Quran and Islam against Orientalists,s intellectual war ۔ This Intelactual war called, Orientalism, this thesis is related to this subject with the name of” The most known orientalists of twentyth centaury, and their comments on Quranic Interpretations and its critical study” ۔ This thesis is consist of five chapters ۔ Thedetail of those all chapters is as under : 1 ۔ The schools of thoughts of most famous orientalists of twenty century and their ۔goals 2 ۔ Introduction of most famous orientalists of twent thcentury and their books۔ 3 ۔ Review of thoughts of orientalists over the Revelation, its complication, chronology of Suras ans style of Quran ,Huroof-e-Muqattaat۔ix 4 ۔ Signs of verses (Fawasil-e-ayaat),beginning letters of Suras, Muhkamat-o Motashabihat and stories of Quran ۔ 5 ۔ Comparative study of thoughts of orientalists and their effects upon the Quranic interoperation literature
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