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Title: Load Flow Balancing and Transients Stability Analysis in Smart Grids
Authors: Adnan, Muhammad
Keywords: Engineering & Technology
Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences Islamabad
Abstract: The current research explained the possible relationship of two types of socialization, i.e. intra-organizational socialization and extra-organizational socialization vis-a-vis tacit knowledge sharing. The purpose was to test, whether the socialization can be taken as a factor leading to tacit knowledge sharing or it has nothing to do with it. Further, in order to explore whether tacit knowledge sharing is possible through virtual interaction or only limited to physical interaction. For this reason, the relationship of face to face and virtual interaction with tacit knowledge sharing is studied. In order to understand the level of contribution of face-to-face interaction vis-à-vis virtual interaction, the multiple hierarchical regression analysis was performed. In addition to above, the effect of mobile technology as moderator for the relationship of intraorganizational socialization and extra-organizational socialization with tacit knowledge sharing was also studied. The mixed methods approach was used to test the hypothesized relationships. Accordingly, primary data of 485 respondents was collected by dispensing 550 printouts of the questionnaire to the employees of different R & D related organizations. For which, two stage sampling technique was used. At first stage the purposive sampling technique was used to select the organizations. Whereas, at second stage the systematic random sampling technique, which is one of the probability sampling technique was used to select the respondents. The dropout rate remained 11.8%. In addition, total eighteen interviews were conducted as a part of qualitative data analysis. The questionnaire was developed based upon the previous studies which used different types of scales. Therefore, exploratory factor analysis was run to ensure the validity of the scale. This was followed by confirmatory factor analysis test to ascertain iv whether data supports the measurement model and is valid / reliable or otherwise. After confirmation of validity and reliability of the data, the hypotheses were tested through SEM, Process Hayes version 3.4 and multiple hierarchical regression analysis. Whereas, for qualitative data analysis, excel sheet was used for organizing the data while analysis was performed thematically. The results of the study as outcome of the data analysis (qualitative and quantitative) indicated the existence of the relationship of intra-organizational socialization, virtual interaction and face to face interaction with tacit knowledge sharing. The relationship of extra-organizational socialization with tacit knowledge sharing was found insignificant. Whereas, the relationship of extra-organizational socialization with tacit knowledge sharing in the presence of moderating role of mobile technology was found significant. However, the moderating role of mobile technology for the relationship of intra-organizational socialization and tacit knowledge sharing was found nonsignificant. Moreover, from qualitative part of the data, it also revealed that the pattern of socialization has changed from physical to virtual, limited to extended, bounded based upon time and space to boundaryless, from robust to flexible interaction, etc. The study has some limitations. The study followed the cross-sectional design, thus, the effects of day-to-day rapid changes of technology could not be properly studied and is not the part of the study. Therefore, a longitudinal study is recommended. The present study was conducted based upon the data obtained from knowledge intensive organizations and employees working in knowledge generating organizations. However, it is suggested that effects of same relationship be also studied on different organizations for generalization of results.
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