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Title: 9/11کے بعد دینی مدارس پر لگنے والے الزامات کا تحقیقی مطالعہ
Authors: Hamza, Muhammad
Keywords: Arts & Humanities
Islamic Studies
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: University of Karachi, Karachi.
Abstract: tation titled: RESEARCH REGARDING ALLIGATIN / CHARGES AGAINST RELEGIOUS INSTITUTIONS AFTER THE INCIDENT OF (9/11) Religious institutions are well known as a great sign of Muslim society. Religious first institution started by Prophet (Peace be upon him) at Madarsa-e-Dinniyah /. Masjid-eNabvi(SAW), where scholars took their religious education knowledge, produced learning and teaching of Islam, the history of Religious institutions can be found by the beginning of religious Institute.In this discuss Para, we tried to defined that the religious history of Islamic institution is became strong to strongest. Therefore, in a contemporary manner, a person is instructed by the country's country, so it is unavailable to its information. Or is he a part of a sazish. In the past, the services of these madaris entire have been excellent and the madrasas New York are in the morning for the future. As a summary of this article contains five chapters In chapter III, the historical background of religious teachings describes the three crops. The evolution of religious teachings is described in Chapter I. While the period of the covenant of Prophet (peace be upon him) is also included in this chapter in the second chapter, religious seminaries present in the era of companionship have been covered while in the third crop of the Mediterranean and the Tibet Tabhanine. Chapter II: Five Federations have been made in respect of the distribution of intellectuals in Pakistan which are called "Unity Organizations Madares-e-Diniya" In this chapter every Federal is described in a separate chapter Federally Administered Arabian Tribal Areas (Deobandi) has been registered in the first chapter in the second chapter, the Organization is a supporter [qualified] Sunnis teacher in the third chapter, the federation is al-Assad al-Fawliyyah [Khalifa] in the fourth season, the federation is the statement of al-Assad al-Shia; however, in Chapter Brief, Determination of Al-Madrassa al-Islamiyah Board of Education Chapter III: In Verse III,The strategic location of the influence of Madrassas Islamic in Bob Som has been taken while part of religious seminars in education and its utility management system, diverse curriculum diversity in education and some of the celebrities featured by Variations and Religious Mediterranean are the subtitles of this chapter. Chapter IV: In Verse IV is the key title for this article this chapter covers charges allegation related to religious institution Cantra (9-11) after the (9-11) accident. The short history of the Ninth Illinois accident for the explanation and explanation of the subject, Osama bin Laden's personality and some other issues are described defending this is an explanation of defense measures the charges on Darwinist Dunnyah are actually part of a conspiracy plot Chapter V: In Verse V contains three crops in the first Verse, definition and explanation of jihad is described explain Islamic viewpoint this is done That is what Jihad is used not only according to the Islamic point of view Jihad is the name of being attacked against the enemy in the battlefield. Every action that involves God's will by human beings that comes in the category of jihad the false interpretation of jihad and criticism have been criticized and through Islam, efforts have been made to clear the true meaning of jihad the definition of terrorism is defined in Chapter II. While denying terrorism from the point of view of Islam Respect is described as a true teaching of humanity in Verse III, the vertical role of Islamic Institution (Madrassa) Dynasty is criticized for doing so that religious seminars are not involved in any kind of terrorism these institutions only take place for delivery and propagation of religion.
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