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Title: Effect of Peer Tutoring Dynamics on Socialization and Students Academic Progress at Secondary Level
Authors: Malik, Summera
Keywords: Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: International Islamic University, Islamabad.
Abstract: One of the popular philosophies to enhance pupils’ educational dynamics is peer tutoring that has sensitized the researchers in the field. Peer tutoring is the formal or informal suite which brings the pupils belonging to the same community closer, to interact with each other for overcoming each other’s deficiencies in a subject or topic. The study aimed at exploring how peer tutoring dynamics work as an instructional technique to improve learning experiences for pupils’ better socialization and academic progress. The study intended to explore whether peer tutoring, as a continuous activity, effected peer- students’ socialization and academic progress. It also identified the significant role of peer-tutors in enhancing peer-students’ (tutees’) socialization and academic progress. The study also looked into the relationship between the perceptions of tutors and tutees on the role of peer tutoring on their socialization and academic progress. It also identified difference between the experimental and control groups’ socialization. The QUAN-QUAL mixed method triangulation design was used with two-group post-test-only control-group randomized true experimental design, a survey, and a structured interview to collect data. The data analysis was carried by processing a variety of data. The QUAN and QUAL data were then compared for listing important results. T-test was applied for the calculation and comparison of the collected data from two groups’. The calculated data of the questionnaires a well as that of the interview was correlated separately for both variables by applying correlation coefficient Pearson's r and the relationship between the responses of the tutors and tutees was identified. Important results collected from quantitative data included; the significant effect of class wide peer tutoring in improving students’ (tutees) academics, the significant effect of class wide peer tutoring in improving students’ (tutors and tutees) socialization, the perception of the experimental group’s students remained much better and positive on vi peer tutoring than those of the control group, a positive trend was seen in the socialization of experimental group confirming a positive relationship between their socialization and academic progress, and tutees showed better socialization amongst them than that of tutors with in the treatment group. Peer tutoring programs can be of significant help to achieve the objectives of making students ready to take the responsibility of their own academics as well as to help others in their educational uplift. Many socio-cultural and political concerns of the Pakistani nation can be addressed well through such a programs for a positive outcome of education. Such a programs are significant in addressing crises of teacher performance deficit due to weak educational bases in both rural and urban areas. Serious steps are needed to be introduced for introducing peer tutoring program in Pakistan especially at the secondary or O-levels and generally at all levels of education to make students useful individuals of the society even during their student life. Special incentives for the students working as tutors are needed if to run the program effectively like; some stipend in return of tutoring in each session for increasing volunteering as well as performance ratio of tutoring. Researchers have wider prospects to perform in the area and help in solving the academic and related problems of the Pakistani youth. It would serve as the best internship option during term or semester break for making students engaged at an educational as well as social platform to address many personality issues of the new generation.
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