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Title: Formulation Development, Characterization and Cosmeceutical Evaluation of Stable Multiple Emulsion Loaded with Smilax china and Sphaeranthus indicus Plant Extract
Authors: Ahmad, Hafiz Ibtesam
Keywords: Biological & Medical Sciences
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Islamia University, Bahawalpur.
Abstract: Cosmeceuticals are the products that process medicinal property and are used for skin beautification. Cosmeceuticals are gaining popularity in the natural skin care industry. This study was aimed to develop a topical drug delivery system in the form of multiple emulsion containing Smilax china and Sphaeranthus indicus extracts. Selected parts of the plants were collected and identified. Then extraction and fractionation was performed with suitable solvent. These extract and fractions were evaluated for the presence phenols and flavonoids by chemical method and then verified by HPLC analysis. Antioxidant and reducing assay along with mushroom tyrosinase inhibition was performed for each of the extract and fractions. Based on these results, the best suited extract/ fraction was used for the development of topical drug delivery system i.e. multiple emulsion. A series of formulations were prepared by using varying concentrations of the oil phase and the surfactant. In-vitro characterisation of the developed formulations was performed by evaluating these formulations for colour, odour, phase separation, rheology, microscopy, pH, electrical conductivity and centrifugation analysis. Sensory evaluation was performed for their acceptance to be used as cosmeceutical products. Based on these results, the formulations were subjected to non-invasive in-vivo studies to evaluate their potential skin effects. Biosafety profiling and skin patch test was performed to evaluate the safety of the formulations so that they can be applied on human skin. In-vivo investigation involved skin parameters like erythema, melanin, skin hydration, elasticity and sebum. Surface evaluation of living skin (SELS) was performed to evaluate skin small and large pores and for the presence of wrinkles and spots on skin. The results were evaluated using statistical techniques like ANOVA, paired sample t-test and LSD. It was concluded that stable multiple emulsions with Smilax china and Sphaeranthus indicus extracts were formulated. These formulation had significant beneficial skin effects on skin parameters that were checked, when compared to those effects after the application of placebo.
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