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Title: Urdu Mazmoon Nigari Main Pakistaniyet Kay Anaasir(kayam-e-Pakistan ta 2015).
Authors: Wadood, Abdul
Keywords: Urdu
Languages & Literature
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad.
Abstract: Aligarh movement was started / initiated with the essay writings of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan during 19th century. This movement was the precession of literary reforms and discourse of prose writings. In Urdu literary classics none of the kind of the Urdu prose, exists which have had disseminated its impact immediately. Therefor, Sir Syed Ahmed introduced a magazine and named it “Tehzeb-ul-Ikhlak” in which his contemporizes wrote essays. After the establishment of Pakistan many factors were inculcated in the Pakistani (Urdu) literature, which were very pivotal for its masses / people, culture social norms and ideology. This is how Pakistanism was revealed as Pakistani culture, Pakistani norms, Pakistani ideology and Pakistani literature, which had a great impact on the other nations on the globe. As the minorities have achieved a homeland on the basis of one ideology which was the baseline of innovative and popular essay writings of this era. Essay writing was begin in march 1571 by a French philosopher Moneton and named it “Essay”. After seventeen years a British writer Beckon started writing in same style, English and gradually this writer become popular among various languages throughout the world. In the subcontinent the term “Essay” writing was introduced for the first time by Master Ram Chand in his magazine Fawayed-ul-Nazreen in 1845, but most of the essay included in this magazine were science essays. After wards Sir Syed Ahmed launched a magazine Tehzeb-ul-Ikhlak by the inspiration of British magazines the spectator and tetlor. Due to the Journalist background my connection to essay writing gets firmed and it further links with column writing. It was my dive wish to identify the Pakistanism in the Urdu essay writings which acts as the pillar in the framework of Pakistan. The basic period of this thesis is after establishment of Pakistan till 2015. The thesis divided into five chapters. The first chapter contains the introduction topic, rules and disubbies, the basic elements of Pakistanism (introduction and boundaries). In the second chapter discussion of Pakistan nationalism in Urdu writer the debates of Pakistan Nationalism after establishment of Pakistan (Primary natives). The third chapter included the discussion of Pakistan culture in the Urdu literature. The fourth chapter consists of discussion of essay on Pakistan culture, the discussion on Pakistanism in literature, literary movements and debates in Pakistan, movements, culture, a detail discussion on theories and ideas of important article writers. The fifth chapter contemis complete overviews, results and recommendations.
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