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Title: Knowledge Management and Knowledge Sharing Factors: Empirical Evidence from University of Peshawar KP, Pakistan
Authors: Ishrat, Rabia
Keywords: Management Sciences
Bussiness & Management
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Sarhad University of Science and Information Technology, Peshawar.
Abstract: In today’s world the viability of an organization greatly depends on its ability not only to create knowledge but its ability to share it. The purpose of this research is to construct a model for investigating the effect of knowledge-sharing factors such as social network, goals sharing, social trust, subjective norms, individuals’ perception, knowledge of the situation, and attitude towards knowledge sharing on knowledge sharing in University of Peshawar. The proposed model has seven hypotheses. To test these hypotheses data from 244 randomly selected respondents from the target population has been collected through a personally administered questionnaire. To check the reliability and validity of the questionnaire and the individual items in the questionnaire, confirmatory factor analysis through Structural Equation Modeling approach has been employed. Different goodness of fit indices for individual constructs has been employed. To test hypotheses of the study regression model has been employed. However, before running regression on the data, data has been tested for relevant regression assumptions. Findings indicate that all factors in the model are positive and significant predictors of knowledge sharing with individual’s perception happens to be the most influential factor within the overall model. The research has addressed the existing gap on scarcity of research on knowledge sharing in public sector universities and taken Peshawar University as a target population. Like social science researches, this research also has some limitations. The research findings have both practical as well theoretical implications. In order to foster supportive behavior the study recommends the creation and promotion of an organizational environment wherein faculty members could share their knowledge with ease and interest. Recommendations for future research have also been provided.
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