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Title: National Identity Construction in Pakistani Media after 9/11
Authors: Saeed, Shazia
Keywords: Communication Studies
Journalism & Mass Communication
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: University of the Punjab , Lahore
Abstract: This study intends to analyze national identity construction in Pakistani print media after 9/11. A review of literature indicates that the past research has mostly focused on framing image of Pakistan in international media that guides to explore how Pakistani indigenous media frames our national identity. Framing theory and social identity theory have been utilized to ascertain the role of Pakistani media in framing national identity. This study adopted mixed methods approach. It employed quantitative and qualitative content analysis of Pakistani leading daily English and Urdu newspapers including The News, Dawn, Daily Jang and Daily Nawa-i-Waqt from 2001-2015. Semiotic analysis of selected pictures and discourse analysis of selected news items were also conducted. The sample was drawn following systematic sampling. The unit of analysis were news stories and published pictures. Results from quantitative and qualitative content analysis of news stories indicated that Pakistani English and Urdu press framed positive identity of Pakistan. Analysis of the pictures revealed that positive frames were employed more than negative frames to depict Pakistan and its people. On the other side, discourse analysis revealed that Pakistani press constructed a positive self that is strong, cooperative, confident, peace-loving, and sovereign while presented India, USA, and Afghanistan as negative other in the news stories. Pakistani press also self-othered the terrorists and constructed Pakistani self as a victim of terrorism not terrorists. This finding documents the perspective of self-othering to be added to the application of social identity theory.
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