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Title: The Quranic Modus Operandi to the Dissemination of the Divine Message: Philosophy and Current Demands
Authors: Zakria, Muhammad
Keywords: Islamic Studies and Related
Religious Studies
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore.
Abstract: For the better guidance of humanity and for the demonstration of His blessings and favor’s, The Lord of the Universe gave Religion of truth the title of Islam. This is the right path' which is fundamental cause of sending the chain of prophets starting from Hazrat Adam (AS) to the Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Allah has declared it as His favored Deen and a complete code of life for humanity. This is clear from the history of Prophets (AS) that they had left no stone unturned in the propagation of the Divine message and used each and every kind of available resources so that the humans related to every domain of life must be influenced from the purity of its message. Submitting God’s belief is the responsibility and essential element of faith of muslim men and women. The indolence for spreading Islam is the indication of weakens of faith. As the Holy Prophet (PBUH) adopted all the techniques and modes of dissemination of the Divine message which all the prophets of yore had adopted. For the accomplishment of His mission he sustained lot of discomforts and tortures that even all the previous Prophets had not bore them collectively. The Holly Qur’an has shown variety of the Modus Operandi to the dissemination of the divine Message. Amongst all these the most important are, The Modus Operandi of waazz , Inzaar o Tabsheer, Amsaal 0 Qessas. All these modes play a vital role in this regard. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) utilized each and every mode for the dissemination of the Divine message so that, as a result, by the grace of Allah Almighty, people may say yes to it, thus the goal of Islam was achieved in such a way as the entire humanity was left dumbfounded. This was the mode of Allah’s final dispensation adopted by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his companions which brought about a great upheaval in the society. It is preserved in it’s unalloyed form to the present day. The need of the day is, to deduce those methods from the Holy Qur’an the adoption of which revolutionized the world some fourteen hundred years ago. Though the problems of modern times are complex and multidimensional, yet one can turn to the Holy Book for their best solution. Because the Qur’an is the book of guidance not for one specific era, but for all epochs and all ages.
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