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Title: اسلام اور عصر حاضر کے تناظر میں ریاستی اداروں کی ذمہ داریوں کا تحقیقی جائزہ
Authors: , Zeeshan
Keywords: Islamic Studies and Related
Religious Studies
Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: University of Science and Technology, Bannu.
Abstract: Almighty Allah has firm command on entire creation and all universal activities have been following well-founded and grasp of gigantic power of Allah. The nature study reflects the fact that tasks have been distributed in a very fine and systematic manner among the creatures as to assure sustainability and permanency of operations. The sacred book, Al-Quran has witnesses on it by saying that Sun and Moon engaged in their own orbitals coupled with running of all other mini systems in their own ring roads, kept followed the creator law. There is quite clear understandings of nature phenomenal by analysis of tiny universe of human beings depicts that different task assigned to different parts in order to ensure the smooth body operations and this is the key secret behind the nature. It is pertinent to mention that likewise universal activities run by Almighty Allah’s firm intensions and commands, the secondary tasks related to human beings may be divided into different institutions as per task nature. This division of task not only certify the sound systems and flows but also help in proper engagement of the system stakeholders to perform along with maintain the coordination’s and cooperation’s among secondary and tertiary institutions of the country or kingdom. It is well known and common understandings that kingdom or country affairs cannot be smoothly operated without firm establishment of institutions and these bodies only be established on the basis of specialized tasks and activities, consequently give rise to well-defined and demarcated network resulting the sound national and international operations for the betterment of human beings. In short and comprehensive words it can be uttered that establishment of institutions is the utmost need of the nation to ensure any sort of operations and activities either it belongs to economic affairs or it relates to political systems or concerned with social dealings. The core benefit of the institutions in any Islamic state is to ensure the peace atmosphere and creation of such environment that protect the rights of people along with securing the justice system and peace along with implementation of law and certifying of Almighty Allah’s Hudood.
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