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Title: Development and Validation of Deception as Conflict Management Scale - DCMTS
Authors: Najaf, Tehzeeb Sakina
Keywords: Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: University of Karachi, Karachi.
Abstract: The main purpose of the study was to develop and validate a tool on the perceptions and the uses of deception; named: Deception as a Conflict Management Technique Scale (DCMTS). The scale attempted to measure deception with five dimensions: General Deception, Deception in Conflict Management, Self-Deception, Interpersonal Deception and Deception at Workplace. The scale development task was undertaken in three phases. Phase I operated starting with literature review, random input from people on the construct of deception and subject experts’ contribution to develop 50 item questionnaire. With a sample of 408 individuals selected through convenient random sampling the questionnaire was administered and data was collected and analyzed; on the basis of correlation values 35- item scale was formulated. Descriptive statistics, inter-item correlation, item total correlation, reliability analysis through Cronbach and exploratory factor analysis was done for all five sub scales. SEM was done and relative fit model was found. In phase 2, with a random sample of 103 individuals, test-retest analysis was calculated. In phase 3, construct validity: convergent and discriminant, was examined on a random sample of 135 individuals, by correlations with measures of jealousy, sandbagging, social desirability for convergent analysis; with honesty and integrity for discriminant validity. Findings provided support for the reliability and validity of Deception as Conflict Management Technique Scale. Results provided support for the reliability and validity of the Deception as Conflict Management Technique Scale. The outcomes and applications of the developed scale are discussed both in terms of theoretical and managerial implications. Allusions for further research are also stipulated.
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