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Title: Islam aur Jadeed Nizam e Maishiyat Main Imdad Bahami Ka Tasawur - Aik Tehqeeqi o Taqabli Jaiza
Authors: Safoora, Ghulam
Keywords: Islamic Studies
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad.
Abstract: World’s system depends on mutual cooperation. If we look back from the beginning of this universe we can come to know that mutual cooperation has very significant value. Islam also teaches us mutual cooperation but this cooperation should for the sake of piety and good deeds. In modern era there is lack of this concept. Especially on the name of mutual help and cooperation, modern economic system has develop such institutions which are not working for the betterment of mankind rather they are paving way for the destruction of humans because they are based on the system of interest. Islamic concept of mutual cooperation is based on humans’ love, care, friendship and brotherhood. In the modern time these values are much needed especially in economic system. Because only those nations are successful which are economically strong. Developed countries are example of this where as in contrast under-develop countries are weak economically. The basic reason for this is the distance from religion. Islam is a complete code of life and it provides guidance in every field of life. Islam has provided a vast and comprehensive economic system, but unfortunately we are following the western economic system which is totally based on interest. The success of Muslims is hidden only in this secret to adopt Islamic economic system. The objective of this research is to prove that how much there is a need of Islamic economic system and which are the rules and methods which can help this system to prevail in the society. One way is the mutual cooperation in economic system and which is the need of time nowa-days. In this research this unique rule of Islam is being illuminated, also means of mutual cooperation, types and practical methods have also been described. Along with this implemented methods of mutual cooperation in modern system of economy are also being discussed .These methods are like a curse for economies of Islamic countries as they are based on interest which is strictly prohibited in Islam. By adopting of Islamic ways of mutual cooperation we can achieve self-dependence and success in the field of economy because these are free of interest. Along with this the research contains a new concept of Islamic cooperative societies where suggestions have been given for practical implementation of these methods.
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