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Title: Fabrication of graphene metal nano composite and its applications
Authors: Zubair, Naila Fatima
Keywords: Chemistry
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.
Abstract: Graphene reinforced metallic nano composites are synthesized with wet chemical synthesis. The efficiency of these synthesized nano composites as photo catalyst in the catalytic degradation of reactive red dye as well as fuel additives is observed. Graphite is used as precursor for the synthesis of graphene at laboratory scale. The synthesized graphene sheets are further used during the synthesis of graphene composites incorporated with metallic nano particles. During the synthesis of graphene based metallic composite the graphene oxide is converted to reduced graphene oxide. The nano composites of rGO-Mn2O, rGO-ZrO2, rGOBiO2 and rGO-ZnAl2O are synthesized using solvothermal and co-precipitation methods of wet chemical approach. Graphene oxide (GO) is converted to GO suspension using ultrasonic treatment for its exfoliation before to use in the synthesis procedure of composites. SEM and TEM techniques are used for the morphological characterization of synthesized nano composites. Results obtained through XRD technique are evaluated using Match and VESTA software for structure and sample purity investigation. VESTA is used to draw structures of the synthesized products. The synthesized nano composites are subjected as catalyst in photocatalytic removal of the given dye. UV-Visible spectrophotometer is used to monitor the decreases in absorbance at lambda max 520 nm. Effect of different parameters including catalyst concentration, hydrogen peroxide concentration as well as temperature on the efficiency of these synthesized nano composites is observed. The nano composite of rGO-Mn2O showed the best catalytic behavior towards dye degradation. Effect of these nano composites on physical properties (kinematic viscosity, specific gravity, cloud and pour points) and combustion properties of fuel are analyzed using diesel as fuel. Effect of concentration of these nano composites on the properties of fuel is also studied. Fuel blended with nano composite particles showed better
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