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Title: Fiqh-e-Islami Kay Mazahib-e-Khamsa (Mushtrakat Ka Tehqiqi Jaiza)
Authors: Hussain, Shabbir
Keywords: Islamic Studies
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad.
Abstract: Islam being a comprehensive way of living, always thinks of the wellbeing of humanity. It came up with unity, peace, progress and prosperity. Its basic tenets are set down on the basis of solid and broad vision. That is why Islam has evolved constantly among Muslim Ummah. After the demise of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), due to the political situation, social disintegrations and sectarianism, the basic teachings were not fully followed and there came obstacles in the implementation of these universal principles. As a result the fundamental principles of Islam were neglected due to little differences in their beliefs. The minor variances were given more importance and the universal principles were disowned, so the Muslim society could not remain united even about their mutually agreed points and principles which were essential to keep Muslim society intact. Consequently, Muslims failed to save their gratitude and dignity. However there were, some intellectuals and lovers of Islam, who struggled to bring forth the commonalties of Muslim’s sects to promote unity and regain the lost dignity of Muslim Ummah. Their contributions to the cause of Muslim's unity are immense which are included in this study. “Fiqh.e Moqarin” as a term, “Majma.e. Jahani.e. Taqreeb Bein.ul Madhahib” as a foundation and “Intra Faith Dialogues” a thought provoking series of dialogues, which were aimed at bringing various school of thoughts closer. This research is also a humble effort to put forward the prevailing resemblances of Islamic jurisprudence among the major five school of thoughts, so it may bring harmony, peace, affluence and tolerance to each other's ideas and beliefs. It is also intended for bridging the gaps and end up the ideological infighting among Muslims.
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