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Title: Aalmi Manshoor 1938 Main Insani Haqooq Kay Tasawar Aur Samaji Asraat Ka Siraat e Nabviya Ki Roshni Main Aik Taqabli Jaiza
Authors: Din, Burhan Ud
Keywords: Islamic Studies
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan
Abstract: In this thesis there is a compelte discussion on human rights about the manifesto of the U.N. Similarly the muslims who have some reservations on a few articles of the manifesto that comes in collision with the Islamic facts and teachingsof Islam.As the manifesto was designed in such away to the particular benefits of some nations of the UN.That’s why islam and the Muslims can’t practice them in complete shape.It’s impossible for islam and the muslims to accept and follow it in compete shape.The West and Non-muslim nations will clearly see the human rights if the Islamic laws are in accordance with benefits in the modern way of definition.The manifesto can’t be rejected nor acceptable for the muslims completely.This concept of human rights was given and practically implemented by the muslims fifteen hundred years ago.So saying that before the UN manifesto of human rights there was not any compete concept on the rights about humans. If we take a glimpse on the last address of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.). This becomes clear (bright) that the manifesto real concept was presented by Islam. Because in this address there are several points: ASASIYAT(Fundamentals/Basics): The concept of one God,One father,The Quality of standard piety, the elimination of incorrect customs of Illiteracy and interest, the elimination of ignorant murders,the protection of wealth and reputation, the respect of Pilgrimage and Abstinence from tyranny. IJTIMAIYAT(Collective Actions): (Brotherliness, Sanctity, Soule esteem wealth, abidance of trust,payment of loan,good treatment with women, aged and children, obedience to husbands conservation of ancestry and inciting of forgiveness), DINIYAT(religion Matters),AQAYAD(Faith worships/Beliefs),IBADATMUAMALAT(Mutual Interactions) and AKHLAQIYAT( ethics)toabstinence from fight without reason, polytheism, murder, fornication and theft prayer,Fast, Pilgrimage, Zakat payment of optional charities, request of muslims, obedience to leader, everything is included(submission and abidance by good deeds). With the implementation of the last “address” the fate of many nations in countries has changed, culture and civilization has been fresh air and thinking abilities have been improved. But in Islamic history has become things of the fast and situation has changed now, people now love material wealth and become selfish and evil forms of governance come in to being. So this blessed manifesto of lord and his prophet would not only religious rights but also political and social rights were given, has been violated and met many accusations. Many manifestos were made so that those countries could mess with human rights, and every body lenows it, and those positive points which were in those manifestoes were less heed give too, and were naver acted upon them, even tually the general assembly of the UN had to come up with a charter, promulgated on 10th December, 1948, which too was fought with many difficulties. So acting upon on it or not is too opposite opinions about this manifestoes the discussion of a scholar is worth reading1” This point will come in mind of those people who know that the documents of human rights that has been passed by the UN on 10th December 1948 did not get more importance from regulations and recommendations and it is not important or essential for any countryto accept this with out there own well. A writer says” it is a useful document or manifesto for the human rights. The status of this manifesto is totally morel, but it has no value in law. These are not social and economical rights but policies about social and economical principles. If a country wants to adopt this, they can, but if a country does not they can ignore or reject this any time. No one can be forced to adopt this.2 The teachings of Quraan, sayings in practices of the holy prophet (SAW) clearly expresses that there is no concession in coercion. Every one is free in terms of religion, whatever is said or expressed in this is roadmap in mercy. In this deluged era those who accept them and it is needed to accept them will get a respectable and higher position and will naver be debased and arranted now here in form of anyone. The last address of the holy Prophet (SAW), in which he said on his first in last pilgrimage, as the gist of God’s obligations and command, which is an accordance with the nature and requirement of the whole humanity. The holy Quran is totally guidance and mercy for humanity which holy Prophet (SAW) used to spread among the people and make them aware with commands and obligations of God. In the holy Quran not only the purpose of human is stated but along with it prayers, fast, zakat, performing hajj and confessing unity or compulsory without that no one can be a muslim. The way of living life is also giving as social obligations and command are also mentioned. If the order or permission of fight is given in certain un avoidable but alongside it is a good quality of a muslim ie to forgive others is also mentioned. The rights and relationship of husband and wife are given while well-treating parents is considered a way of getting/achieving higher Holy Prophet S.A.W and his lastaddress briefly , giving proper attention/focus to world which is utmostly needed3. According to the total summary of the thesis is” that islam has given much rights to human beings ( man , woman , child , young , aged , parents , relatives , neighbors and slaves) as compared to any worldly law and manifesto.due to this reason only isalm can give best and strong path which is all about divine teachings . in which all the human are equal while according to the UN declaration all the countries are not deserve same rights which is consist of 5 countries security council. So the only way to bring piece in the world as to accept all the rules, teachings and preachings of islam and Quran
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