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Title: Effect of E-Learning as a Supplement to Traditional Method of Learning in Biology At Secondary School Level
Authors: Akhtar, Aqila
Keywords: Education
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Sarhad University of Science and Information Technology, Peshawar.
Abstract: The idea of E-Learning merely means electronic learning. It is multifaceted. It includes all forms of electronic devices that are involved in teaching and learning situation to make learning easy. The devices include computer and other audio-visual services. E-Learning encourages individual teachers to find out new ways of integrating technology and resources into their classroom settings. In education the use of the combination of traditional and E-Learning results in a new learning environment called Blended learning environment. It is, therefore, the current study is performed to inquire about the effectiveness of E-learning on the academic outcomes of the students. The study was focused on its objective of comparative analysis of the traditional means of education with the modern innovative way of teaching and learning known as E-learning. In this regards the best research strategy of experimental approach, pre-test and post-test control group deign, was adopted. Two government’s girls high school of Bannu, KP, of Biology students were taken as sample for the study. A pre-test was administered for the formation of two groups i.e. Control group and experimental group. The objective of the pre-test was to know prior knowledge of each student and to justly equalize the both groups. For the period of four week of teaching to both groups was equally done only with the exception of E-learning as a supplemental treatment to the experimental group was additionally provided. After the treatment in the stipulated time period, a post-test was taken from both groups to judge the effectiveness of E-learning method as compared to the face to face traditional method of teaching. Mean, standard deviation and t-test were used to determine the performance of both groups. Experimental group of the study performed well as compared to the control group which signifies the effectiveness of the E-learning as a supplement to usual teaching method. The new approach of teaching based on E-Learning was recommended as supplement to traditional method for instruction in secondary schools. However, it was suggested that teachers should be exposed to the new technology of E-Learning not only in the subject of Biology but also in other subjects.
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