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Title: Socio-Economic Uplifting For Sustainbale Development: A Perspective of Human Resource Development in Pakistan and Malaysia
Authors: Mumtaz, Roohi
Keywords: Public Administration
Public administration & military science
General considerations of public administration
Social sciences
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: University of Karachi, Karachi
Abstract: The most critical and need to be paid attention parameters for sustainable development in context of Pakistan are health, education, women empowerment and living standards of people. It also includes per capita income, governance issue, poverty, economic instability, gender inequality, and security situation. The aim of this study is to find out the reasons that affect the sustainable growth towards socioeconomic uplifting and the perspective and approaches of HRD in Pakistan. This work has been conducted to study the aforementioned parameters in Pakistan in comparison with that of Malaysia to be able to learn from the inspirational example. This will also help to understand how much these parameters can help to uplift and bring change in economic situation and living standards of the people in Pakistan. To complete this research and thesis, cross-sectional study with both primary and secondary data were used. Questionnaire Survey was conducted from the diversified people, professionals and students of the respective fields required to complete the thesis study. This questionnaire survey and cross-sectional interviews were conducted in both the countries, i.e. Pakistan and Malaysia in order to inquire about the change in the living standards of a common person in the last two decades. For the purpose of thesis study simple random method was used for the university students and to approach qualified professionals and other people convenience sampling and snowball sampling were used. The results of the survey and interviews concluded that the people of Malaysia are very much satisfied with the progress and measures their government is taking. Their government is facilitating their people with standards of living, good education and healthcare facilities. Their rate of progressing towards industrialization and socioeconomic wellbeing is good enough at this point of time. However few people in Malaysia as well urge their government that they should provide better job opportunities, more effective policies for healthcare facilities and for good governance needed to be revised, improved and implemented within the country. In case of Pakistan, the result has been concluded that people are very disgruntled and feel miserable for their people and country. They seem despondent with the progress and measures their government is taking on the core issues, Pakistan is facing since long time. However few respondents also showed hope and little satisfaction that even the country is facing very difficult time but progression has also seen in the few areas. For example slight development in education, healthcare facilities, providing better standards of living and trying hard to enhance and sustain the growth and development process. Unfortunately the entire struggle to meet their goals and progress enhancement is not up to the level that is needed to uplift the economic situation, standards of living and to eradicate all the other issues and challenges associated with sustainability, growth and socioeconomic uplifting.
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