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Title: Seerat-un-Nabi (SAW) Ki Aasri Aur Bainulaqwami Aehmiyat, Aqwam e Mutahida K Haqooq Insani K Manshoor K Tanzur Main Aik Teqeeqi Mutalia
Authors: Hussain, Syed Muzaffar
Keywords: Islamic Studies
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: University of Karachi, Karachi
Abstract: The Biography or Seerah of Prophet Mohammad is a glorious title of history and it has given humanity an unmatched and everlasting status. and a destiny. To prove its honesty and truth, one should not go far in quest or search or to put any efforts. We will know after having a glance at every section that, this alone is the biggest Since the discussed topic is related to focused by me. In this context, following five chapters has been formatted: First chapter: in this chapter, the significance, utility and sources of Seerat-e-Tayyaba has been discussed. Keeping in mind the lexical and idiomatic annotations, it has been told that Seerat is a combination of two different meanings. Comm In view of common meanings, it has been written that the actions and way of life of any common men is called Seerah, but in specific meanings, it has been described as the Plans, Acts, Personality is belonged to Prophet Muhammad, is Called Seerah. 2nd Chapter: Need and importance of modern understandings of Seerat-e-Nabi has been explained. An effort has been made to bring constructive aspects and current issues into practice. In this chapter the aspects/attributes of Holy Prophet and principles of present time has also been expressed. For the relevancy to the topic, and in intention to certain attributes of Prophet Muhammad, Modern understandings of Seerah have been explained and three separate topics have been discussed. 4th Chapter: in this chapter, human rights in specific view of Seerat-un-Nabi have been explained. The clauses of Last Sermon have been explained in view of recent times. 5th Chapter: in this chapter, an effort has been made to solve current issues in the light of Seerat-e-Tayyaba. The comprehensive and universal strategies and teachings of Seerat-e-Tayyaba have been applied in view of current scenario. Also considering the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad as a role model for all, some aspects has also been mentioned.
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