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Title: Urdu Novel Par Freud Kay Afkar o Nazriaat Kay Asraat
Authors: Bilal, Muhammad
Keywords: Urdu
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad.
Abstract: The research of Freud’s ideology and thought on urdu novels, has been conducted while considering the principles of psychoanlysis. The researcher has consciosuly selected such novels, that directly accept and depict the influence of Freud. The philosophy of Freud has affected the world literature especially fiction, both in terms of thought and art, and such is the condition of urdu novels as well. My research investigation aims to deals with Frued’s ideology on its philosophical level. The ideology of Freud has been divided on two levels: Frued’s ideas about sex and Frued’s views on non sexual psychoanaltyical discourse. x It is confirmed that among the literary figures of Sub-continent the influence of Frued was introduced in the second decade of 20th C. However, it was limited to the critical essays and mere translations and upon novel its effect can be observed after 1930s. Btefore analyzing Frued’s ideology in Urdu novels, it was significant to present the background, history and evolution of urdu novel. The novels of representative novelists written before 1930s, were psychoanalytically analyzed. The study has been divided into five chapters. The first chapter presents Frued’s introduction and basis of his ideology. The psychonalysis of novels of initial novelists has been conducted in the second chapter. For urdu novelists the attraction in Frued was his sex based ideology. After 1930s its clear impact has been affected upon urdu novels. Therefore, in the third chapter, Frued’s sexual ideas have been applied. Frued in the last years of his age, wrote numerious non sexual, philosophical, psychoanalytical essays. Some novelists have also accepted the influence of such essays. Therefore, in the fifth chapter, such novels that have similar impact, have been given space in the dissusion. The fifth chapter also presents the concluding analysis, recommendations and results
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