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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Ab-Initio Investigation of Pristine and Intrinsic Vacancy Defect-containing A3SnO and A3PbO (A: Ca, Sr and Ba) Inverse PerovskitesBatool, Javaria
2019Detection of Toxic Metals in Human Biological Samples of Cancer Patients, Hafsa
2019Development of Electrochemical Sensors for the Analysis of Drugs and Detection of Water ToxinsMunir, Azeema
2019Efficient Electrochemical Energy Conversion of Carbon from Coal and WasteAli, amjad
2018Existence Theory and Numerical Solutions of The Fractional Order Mathematical Modelshaq, Fazal
2019Exploring the Genetic Potential of Arundodonax L. as Hyperaccumulator of Heavy MetalsShaheen, Shahida
2018Isolation of Pesticides Degrading Bacterial Consortium and its Application for Industrial Wastewater TreatmentKhalid, Saira
2019New B-Spline Approximations for Numerical Solution of Initial and Boundary Value ProblemsIqbal, Muhammad Kashif
2019On Pythagorean hesitant fuzzy sets and their application to group decision making problemsAli, Sajjad Muhammad
2018On Some New Subclasses of Analytic FunctionsShahid, Humayoun
2018On the Fractional Initial-Boundary Value ProblemsAli, Muhammad
2018Ontology based Personalized and Adaptive E-Learning SystemsSarwar, Sohail
2018Ontology Based Semantic Concurrent Activity RecognitionSafyan, Muhammad
2019Preparation and Modification of Various Adsorbents from Rice Husk and Their Use for the Removal of Toxic Dyes and Heavy Metal Ions from Aqueous MediaMalik, Abdul
2019Process Modification for Improvement in Conventional Reactive Printing of Cotton FabricMajeed, Hammad
2019Purification, characterization and binding of metals to Zinc Alpha 2-Glycoprotein (ZAG) by employing various techniques, Zain ullah
2019Resonant Spin Pumping of Resident Electrons and Nuclei in CdTe and GaAs Quantum WellsSaeed, Faisal
2019Some aggregation operators based on Pythagorean fuzzy numbers and their applications in decision making problemsRehman, Khaista
2018Some solutions for unsteady flow of viscous fluids over an infinite plate and in pipe-like domainssafdar, rabia